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One of the most important features of Sonic Metropolis is its wiki. We want to provide the user with our knowledge about the Sonic franchise, with high attention to detail and story. Our wiki guardians will publish new wiki entries time by time, and never stop to extend or correct them. One of our goals is it to become one day the number one source for Sonic information regarding characters, the environment, story, items and much more! Please note though, that we do follow the principles of the from us defined canon timeline, concerning the story and all events that might happened. 


Since our wiki entries are based on the from us defined ‘canon’ timeline, content which seems for us not ‘canon’, wont be mentioned in any wiki entries, such as most comics, shows and movies. Our timeline is based mainly on the games.
For more information about our ‘canon timeline’ please click here.

Responsible for the wiki content : Blu (Content Approver), Saef (Wiki Writer)
The wiki is the intellectual property of Sonic Metropolis
All rights of Sonic and everything related to it, goes to SEGA