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Information about the Zone

Game appearances : Sonic CD (1993). 

Type : Action Stage.

Zone description : Located somewhere on the Little Planet, Quartz Quadrant is a mechanized cave full of beautiful crystals. The location is full of elevators and automatic walkways, apparently for transporting minerals. The whole cave is full of metal pipes for an unknown purpose and also, of course, the robots of Dr. Robotnik.

OSTs used in this Zone

Sonic CD (1993) Present [JP]

Sonic CD (1993) Bad Future [JP]

Sonic CD (1993) Good Future [JP]

Sonic CD (1993) Present [US]

Sonic CD (1993) Bad Future [US]

Sonic CD (1993) Good Future [US]

Sonic CD (1993) Past


Sonic CD (1993)

The evil Dr. Robotnik, in his purpose to build his own robotic empire, chains up the Little Planet, a mysterious formation inhabited mostly by plants and where time has no power. Using the power of Time Stones, Dr. Robotnik returns to the past of the Little Planet and takes it over. Soon after, the supersonic hero Sonic the Hedgehog arrives at the Little Planet to stop the villain. He is pursued by Amy Rose, a pink hedgehog and a big Sonic fan. Once on the Little Planet, Amy finds Sonic, but he shows no interest in her until she is kidnapped by Robotnik’s powerful new robot, Metal Sonic. Sonic chases his metal replica while also collecting Time Stones and destroying the robot-producing machines of the past.

The fourth location Sonic visits is the Quartz Quadrant, a mechanized cave full of beautiful crystals and apparently used by Robotnik for resource extraction. Using special poles located throughout Little Planet, Sonic travels to Quartz Quadrant’s past, where he destroys the machine that produces Robotnik’s robots, thereby saving the location. In the now good future of Quartz Quadrant, Sonic falls into Dr. Robotnik’s trap called the Egg Conveyor, but despite the cunningness of the trap, it was flawed and destroyed itself while Sonic made it through unscathed.

After winning the race against Metal Sonic on Stardust Speedway, Sonic saves Amy from captivity and after defeating Dr. Robotnik, the two leave the mysterious place together and earn the gratitude of the inhabitants of the rescued world.


Sonic CD (1993)


Sonic CD (1993)

Act 1 (Present)
Act 1 (Past)
Act 1 (Bad Future)
Act 1 (Good Future)
Act 2 (Present)
Act 2 (Past)
Act 2 (Bad Future)
Act 2 (Good Future)
Act 3 (Bad Future)
Act 3 (Good Future)
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