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First appearance : Sonic CD (1993)

Game appearances : Sonic CD (1993), Sonic Mania (2017). 

Type : Action Stage.

Zone description : Dr. Robotnik’s main base on the Little Planet, Metallic Madness is a fully mechanized and automated palace overflowing with traps, robots, and strange mechanisms. Perhaps the most interesting of the local mechanisms is a machine that can shrink Sonic several times, allowing him to pass through very narrow passages.

OSTs used in this Zone

Sonic CD (1993) Present [JP]

Sonic CD (1993) Bad Future [JP]

Sonic CD (1993) Good Future [JP]

Sonic CD (1993) Present [US]

Sonic CD (1993) Bad Future [US]

Sonic CD (1993) Good Future [US]

Sonic CD (1993) Past

Sonic Mania (2017) [Act 1]

Sonic Mania (2017) [Act 2]


Sonic CD (1993)

The evil Dr. Robotnik in his purpose to build his own robotic empire chains up the Little Planet, a mysterious formation inhabited mostly by plants and where time has no power. Using the power of Time Stones, Dr. Robotnik returns to the past of the Little Planet and takes it over. Soon after, the supersonic hero Sonic the Hedgehog arrives at the Little Planet to stop the villain. He is pursued by Amy Rose, a pink hedgehog and a big Sonic fan. Once on the Little Planet, Amy finds Sonic, but he shows no interest in her until she is kidnapped by Robotnik’s powerful new robot, Metal Sonic. Sonic chases his metal replica while also collecting Time Stones and destroying the robot-producing machines of the past.

Sonic only catches up with his metal copy at the sixth location visited, Stardust Speedway, a large track in the middle of the night city. In the now good future of Stardust Speedway, Robotnik gives Sonic and Metal Sonic a race in which the laggard would be burned by the beam from the evil doctor’s Egg Mobile. Sonic accepts the challenge and defeats his metal replica, rescuing Amy from captivity.

After rescuing Amy, Sonic heads straight to Dr. Robotnik’s main base, Metallic Madness. Here Sonic encounters a huge number of traps and enemies, but he successfully makes it through the round (in the process using Dr. Robotnik’s machine, which shrunk the hero and allowed him to pass through narrow passages), moving into the good future (made possible by Sonic destroying all the robot-making machines of the Little Planet’s past and finding all the Time Stones). In the good future, Robotnik’s metal palace is replaced by a beautiful palace of paradise and this is where Sonic faces the final battle with the villain’s final machine, the Egg Spinner. After Robotnik’s defeat, Metallic Madness begins to collapse and Sonic, grabbing Amy in his arms, barely manages to escape the Little Planet when it (driven by Metallic Madness’ destruction) finally unhooks itself from the ground and gains its freedom. Little Planet disappears in a flash, spraying many flowers all around. The inhabitants of this strange formation are forever grateful to Sonic for saving their little world.


Sonic CD (1993)

Sonic Mania (2017)


Sonic CD (1993)

Act 1 (Present)
Act 1 (Past)
Act 1 (Bad Future)
Act 1 (Good Future)
Act 2 (Present)
Act 2 (Past)
Act 2 (Bad Future)
Act 2 (Good Future)
Act 3 (Bad Future)
Act 3 (Good Future)
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