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Information about the Zone

First appearance : Sonic Adventure (1998)

Game appearances : Sonic Adventure (1998), Sonic Shuffle (2000), Sonic Generations (3DS) (2011). 

Type : Action Stage, Minigame.

Zone description : A lovely tropical beach ideal for a quiet holiday, on the edge of the heavily populated Station Square town, the Emerald Coast is a small archipelago of yellow sandy islands with occasional palm trees. It is also home to a tall lighthouse, designed to guide ships sailing near Station Square. In addition, the Emerald Coast has a system of caves, which are rumored to be home to many species of the rarest fish.

OSTs used in this Zone

Sonic Adventure (1998) [Azure Blue World]

Sonic Adventure (1998) [Windy and Ripply]

Sonic Adventure (1998) [Big fishes at Emerald Coast]

Sonic Shuffle (2000)

Sonic Generations (2011) [Act 1]

Sonic Generations (2011) [Act 2]


Sonic Adventure (1998)

The much-grown Sonic faces a new threat: the mighty Chaos monster. Dr. Robotnik frees this monster from Master Emerald by destroying it (which causes the fall of the Angel Island with the Ice Cap on it) with the hope that Chaos will help him build his empire. Chaos can absorb Chaos Emeralds and become stronger, so Sonic teamed up with Tails and after giving Robotnik the nickname Eggman, sets out in search of Emeralds. During their adventures Sonic and Tails visit the Emerald Coast, and this is also where Big the Cat and E-102 Gamma hunted for Froggy. In the process, the heroes are contacted by a mysterious red spirit, apparently trying to help in the fight against Chaos.

In the end, Chaos manages to absorb all the Chaos Emeralds and becomes Perfect Chaos, flooding all of Station Square. The red spirit that has been with the heroes all along materializes next to Sonic, turning out to be a girl who lived many years ago named Tikal. Tikal was a friend of Chaos, but she saw no other way but to re-seal Chaos into Master Emerald forever. Sonic flatly refuses this option and believes that this approach won’t solve the problem because Chaos’s hatred won’t go anywhere. By using the positive power of the Chaos Emeralds Sonic becomes Super Sonic and defeats Perfect Chaos in battle. The weakened Chaos speaks to Tikal, and she manages to extinguish the pain and rage of the distraught monster. After thanking the heroes, Tikal and Chaos return to Master Emerald and Sonic doesn’t stop on his adventure. Angel Island, on it’s part, returns to the sky again. 

Sonic Shuffle (2000)

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy find themselves summoned to Maginaryworld by a creature named Lumina. A villain named Void has broken Precioustone and stolen its pieces, so the heroes embark on a journey through Maginaryworld in search of Precioustone. Emerald Coast is the first location they visit. In this iteration, Emerald Coast is the dream of those who wants to be in a warm, peaceful place to rest.

Sonic Generations (2011)

Being attacked by a godlike entity called Time Eater, Sonic finds himself in a dimension beyond time and space. Trying to figure out where he is, the first place Sonic finds is the lifeless zone from his past. After running through the old familiar location, Sonic brings it back to life, thus rescuing Tails from the captivity of the Time Eater. After bringing life to few more zones, Sonic meets his version from the past, Classic Sonic, and teams up with him to fight Time Eater. Together, Sonic and Classic Sonic race through the frozen zones of the past. One such zone is the Emerald Coast, which the heroes also bring back to life.


Sonic Adventure (1998)

Sonic Shuffle (2000)

Sonic Generations [3DS] (2011)

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