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Real Name :

International Name :

Species :

Gender :

Height :

Weight :

Age :

Status :

Silver the Hedgehog




100 cm (3’3)

35 Kg (77lb)



Real Name : Silver the Hedgehog

International Name : Silver 

Species : Hedgehog

Gender : Male

Height : 100 cm (3’3)

Weight : 35 Kg (77lb)

Age : 14

Status : Alive

More Information ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○

Character Type :

First Appearance :

Special Ability :

Teams :

Classic Version :

Transformations :



Eye color :

Fur :


Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)


Team Vector (Silver, Vector, Blaze)

Doesn’t exists

Unavailable (after Sonic 06, Silver never used Chaos Control or Super Silver form, which may mean he cannot use Chaos Emeralds. Sonic 06 isn’t canon, so saying that Silver has a Super form is not exactly correct)



Character Type : Fly

First Appearance : Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Special Ability : Psychokinesis

Teams : Team Vector (Silver, Vector, Blaze)

Classic Version : Doesn’t exists

Transformations : Unavailable (after Sonic 06, Silver never used Chaos Control or Super Silver form, which may mean he cannot use Chaos Emeralds. Sonic 06 isn’t canon, so saying that Silver has a Super form is not exactly correct)

Eye color : Golden

Fur : White

Original Theme

Dreams of an Absolution [Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)]

Personality & More

Purposeful and heroic, Silver is always on the side of those who cannot defend themselves. With his strong sense of justice and desire for truth, Silver can be hasty and even cruel at times, but with his good heart he has never been able to force himself to do anything evil to achieve justice.

Silver is a guest from the future, wishing to undo the past to make the future better. Apparently, he never succeeds and the future is always doomed, but he never stops trying. What sets Silver apart is that when even the strongest heroes lose hope, Silver always fights to the end and believes there is always hope.


Special Skills

Psychokinesis, High Speed, Spin Attack, Spin Jump, Spin Dash, Homing Attack, Grinding, ESP, Levitate, Teleport Dash, Psychic Knife, Meteor Smash.

  • Peace
  • Helping others
  • Friends
  • Protecting the world
  • Injustice
  • Anyone standing his way
  • Being interrupted
  • Being mocked

Silver’s psychic energy is limited and when it runs out, he needs to recharge it using rings. Even though his psychic powers are very powerful, Silver is quite slow and easy to distract especially when charging his attacks. 

Character Versions
  • Rivals Silver [Canon]
  • 06 Silver
  • IDW Silver
  • Archie Silver
Sonic Channel

Silver is a hedgehog who has come from the future to change the devastated world of the future.

He uses his psychic powers to move various objects with his psychokinesis.

He has a tendency to run wild, but despite growing up in the devastated future, he has a positive attitude and a strong sense of justice. He continues to fight to restore a peaceful world.

Neutral Relationships
Biography & Details

Technically, Silver’s first appearance occurs in Sonic Rivals (2006). Silver is a hedgehog living in Sonic’s world 200 years in the future from actual events. Future villain Eggman Nega takes a powerful artifact, a camera capable of turning objects into cards, and travels 200 years into the past, Silver chases him down. In the past, Silver meets Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog and Knuckles the Echidna. With all of them, Silver races for the right to defeat Eggman Nega, but in the end all four fail and Eggman Nega escapes into space to turn the entire planet into a map. Silver teams up with Shadow and Dr. Ivo Robotnik aka Eggman the ancestor of Eggman Nega and pursues the villain. In the process, Knuckles also gives Silver considerable help and eventually Silver defeats Eggman Nega.

In Sonic Rivals 2 (2007), Silver arrives back in time and begins kidnapping Chao for one purpose he knows only. He is tracked by Espio the Chameleon, whose detective agency has been hired to find out the identity of Chao’s kidnapper. Espio confronts Silver and the hedgehog explains that a villain from the future, the same Eggman Nega, wants to open a portal to a dimension of the mighty Ifrit monster and feed a lot of Chao to him to regain his former strength. Espio listens to Silver’s arguments and they team up. Together they forge a close friendship, then defeat Ifrit and Eggman Nega. Silver returns to the future afterwards.

In Sonic Colors DS (2010), Silver meets Blaze the Cat, a guest from a parallel dimension, for the first time and Sonic notices that they work well together as a pair, almost as if they knew each other before.

In Sonic Forces (2017), Silver goes back in time to stop Eggman and the powerful new villain Infinite from taking over the world. Led by Knuckles and with the active participation of Sonic, Classic Sonic and Avatar the Resistance defeats Eggman’s army and saves the world. 

In Team Sonic Racing (2019), Silver receives an invitation to a race from the past and decides to participate. Back in the past, he teams up with Blaze and Vector the Crocodile in Team Vector and the three of them fight to win races. 

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