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Main Properties ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○

Real Name :

International Name :

Species :

Gender :

Height :

Weight :

Age :

Status :

Professor Pickle

Professor Pickle






Not active

Real Name : Professor Pickle

International Name : Professor Pickle

Species : Human

Gender : Male

Height : Unknown

Weight : Unknown

Age : Unknown

Status : Not active

More Information ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○

Character Type :

First Appearance :

Special Ability :

Teams :

Classic Version :

Transformations :

Eye color :

Fur :

Sonic Unleashed (2008)

Doesn’t exist




Character Type : –

First Appearance : Sonic Unleashed (2008)

Special Ability : –

Teams : –

Classic Version : Doesn’t exist

Transformations : Unavailable

Eye color : Unknown

Fur : None

Original Theme

The World Adventure - Piano Version [Sonic Unleashed]

Personality & More

Old on the outside but young at heart, Professor Pickle is a great lover of food. He is also a big fan of science, ancient cultures in particular. He has great knowledge about the planet, ancient temples, entities, and is ready to actively help Sonic and his friend Tails in saving the planet with his knowledge.

  • Eating
  • Studying and exploring
  • Helping saving the world
  • Being imprisoned without good food
Character Versions
  • Unleashed Professor Pickle [Canon]
  • Archie Professor Pickle
Special Skills

Knowledge of ancient cultures. 


Professor Pickle does not fight, but there are no gaps or unreliable places in his scientific knowledge.

Biography & Details

Sonic Unleashed (2008)
As an experienced and knowledgeable scholar of Gaia’s ancient texts, the Professor captured attention of the evil Dr. Ivo Robotnik aka Eggman, who wanted to awaken an ancient god of darkness named Dark Gaia. Eggman kidnaps Pickle along with his research and uses it to find a way to awaken the monster. Using the energy of the 7 Chaos Emeralds, Eggman shoots an energy beam into the Earth, thereby awakening the ancient Dark Gaia monster and splitting the Earth into 7 pieces as well (as stripping the Emeralds of all energy). In addition, as a consequence of the cataclysm, at night people became possessed by the spirits of Dark Gaia and went mad. 

Soon, Sonic the Hedgehog and Chip come to a rescue and return Professor Pickle with his research back to his lab. The heroes sought out the Professor on a tip from his old friend Miles “Tails” Prower in order to find a way to stop the cataclysm caused by Eggman. Using his knowledge and ancient texts, Professor Pickle helps Sonic and Chip find a way to recharge the Chaos Emeralds and thereby gather the Earth back together. According to Pickle’s information, the Emeralds could be recharged in the ancient Gaia Temples. By assisting the heroes in finding the Temples and deciphering the ancient texts, Professor Pickle was a factor in the eventual defeat of Dark Gaia and the restoration of Earth, after which he peacefully pursued his research further.

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Professor Pickle
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