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Main Properties ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○

Real Name :

International Name :

Species :

Gender :

Height :

Weight :

Age :

Status :

Miles Prower the Fox




80 cm (2’7)

20 Kg (44lb)

8 (canonically disputed)


Real Name : Miles Prower the Fox

International Name : Tails

Species : Fox

Gender : Male

Height : 80 cm (2’7)

Weight : 20 Kg (44lb)

Age : 8 (canonically disputed)

Status : Alive

More Information ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○

Character type :

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Special Ability :

Teams :

Classic Version :

Transformations :

Eye color :

Fur :


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)

The ingenious mechanic

Team Sonic / Team Heroes (Tails, Sonic, Knuckles)



Blue (Black in Classic Style)


Character type : Fly/Intelligence

First Appearance : Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)

Special Ability : The ingenious mechanic

Teams : Team Sonic / Team Heroes (Tails, Sonic, Knuckles)

Classic Version : Exists

Transformations : Available

Eye color : Blue (Black in Classic Style)

Fur : Amber

Original Theme

Believe in Myself [Sonic Adventure]

Personality & More

Very young, determined, somewhat shy and insecure, but incredibly strong – Tails is Sonic the Hedgehog’s best friend and one of the bravest heroes in Sonic’s world.

Tails is short and physically weak, which often makes him insecure of his own abilities. He is one of the youngest, which is why he is often scared or lets himself be fooled. He is terribly inexperienced and sometimes whiny, but he has an absolutely brilliant intellect. His will is completely unbreakable and he is incredibly kind as it’s only possible.

He rushes to help no matter who is in trouble – a complete stranger or, even more so, his friends. He is willing to do anything to prevent evil and injustice, but he is empathic and compassionate even to villains.

Despite the abundance of flaws, Tails always struggles with his weaknesses, never failing to grow. He is well aware of his insecurities and cowardice, but never gives up on outgrowing his weakness.

Tails, in addition to his genius, has a great penchant for mechanics. He loves assembling and disassembling mechanisms, digging into electronics, but he also has a special passion for airplanes – he wants to fly as high as possible. Using his two tails, Tails can also fly, spinning them at an incredible speed. 

Despite his seeming weakness, Tails has one of the strongest willpower indices of any hero in Sonic’s world. He can do things that neither Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, or anyone else would be capable of. Tails, however, doesn’t notice this trait in himself, as he is prone to insecurity.


Super Tails
[Super Emeralds / Master Emerald] OR [Chaos Emeralds energy shared with Sonic and Knuckles]

  • Mechanical things
  • Flying, by plain or his tails
  • Hanging around with Sonic
  • Helping others
  • Adventures
  • Becoming stronger
  • Feeling scared and useless
  • Ghosts
  • Thunder
  • Being teased
  • Being useless
  • Being ignored
Character Versions
  • Classic Tails [Canon]
  • Modern Tails [Canon]
  • Ali Baba [Canon]
  • Blacksmith [Canon]
  • Generations/Mania Tails [Canon] AND [Parallel canon]
  • Boom Tails
  • IDW Tails
  • Archie Tails
  • Movie Tails
Sonic Channel

Tails, whose real name is Miles Prower, is a kind-hearted little fox with two tails.

By spinning his tails, he can fly. When he was bullied by everyone for having two tails, he happened to meet Sonic and was encouraged by the sight of him running, which made him long for Sonic and he never left his side.

He loves to tinker with machines and develops various mechanisms. He is a cute little brother to Sonic, but Tails himself hopes to one day become the kind of person that Sonic can rely on. He uses his abilities to support Sonic’s activities.

Special Skills

Incredible constructions skills, Genius-level intellect, Propeller Flight, Great pilot skills, Spin Attack, Spin Jump, Spin Dash, Super Tails form, Tail Swipe, Rapid Tails Attack, Car driving, Grinding, Hoverboard using, Homing Attack.


Tails weakness revolves around his lack of self-confidence. He became fearful without Sonic.

Tails also has a weakness against the supernatural as he isn’t the fondest of ghosts. He is also very inexperienced, so inexperienced that on one occasion, Sonic nearly died from his mistake. (Sonic Adventure 2).

Neutral Relationships
Biography & Details

Sonic the Hedgeog 2 (1992)
Miles Prower was born with a very strange mutation – two tails, which are not the norm for foxes. For his strangeness he was bullied and in future by his friends he will be nicknamed Tails. As a result of bullying and his weak character, Tails became unsociable and extremely insecure. His best friends were machines, because Tails loved to make and build things from very childhood. One day, on the West Side Island where Tails were at the moment arrives a great hero Sonic the Hedgehog on his personal plane named Tornado. Despite his shyness, Tails is immediately interested in the Tornado, and him with Sonic begin a friendship on this basis. Soon, Dr. Ivo Robotnik, an evil genius who dreams of building his own robotic empire, arrives on West Side Island and kidnaps the animals, putting them in robots to find the 7 Chaos Emeralds to use their energy for building a huge space station named Death Egg. Sonic rushes to stop the villain and Tails follows the hero, helping along the way in the ways he could. Sonic and Tails manage to find all seven Chaos Emeralds and that allows Sonic to take the Super Sonic form. In the end, thanks to the help of Tails and the Tornado modification that the little fox manages to make, Sonic gets on Robotnik’s space station, where the hero fights doctor’s new robot Mecha Sonic as well as Death Egg Bot. After defeating Robotnik and escaping from the station, Sonic returns to Tails and his animal friends using his Super Sonic form.

Sonic the Hedgeog 3 & Knuckles (1994)
After his defeat, Dr. Robotnik lands on Angel Island, where he finds an energy source even more powerful than the Chaos Emeralds, namely the Master Emerald. However, it was protected by the powerful guardian Knuckles the Echidna. Despite his power, Knuckles is rather gullible, so Robotnik convinces the echidna that Sonic and Tails are trying to steal the Master Emerald, thus turning Knuckles against the heroes. Soon, Sonic and Tails arrive on Angel Island and are immediately attacked by Knuckles, who takes the Chaos Emeralds from the heroes and hides them around the island. Sonic and Tails pursue Knuckles and Robotnik, recovering the Chaos Emeralds along the way. After destroying the Launch Base, the heroes find a portal to the Master Emerald, which they use to enhance the Chaos Emeralds to Super Emeralds. Using their power, Sonic uses the Hyper Sonic form and Tails uses the Super Tails form. Together the heroes defeat Knuckles, but Robotnik takes advantage of this to steal the Master Emerald. Realizing his mistake, Knuckles helps the heroes pursue the doctor. Sonic and Tails, in the process defeating another iteration of Metal Sonic – Neo Metal Sonic, make their way to the Death Egg rebuilt with the help of the Master Emerald. Facing off in the final battle, Sonic and Tails defeat Great Eggman Robo, but even then Robotnik doesn’t give up and tries to escape in his Death Egg Bot. Sonic, using his Hyper Sonic form, catches up with the villain and defeats him, returning the Master Emerald.

Sonic Adventure (1998)
The considerably older Tails tests his plane’s power system with the Chaos Emerald. As is often the case, something goes wrong and the plane crashes. Who knows what would have happened to the little fox if Sonic hadn’t helped him out. Together, Sonic and Tails go to Tails’ workshop, where, to their mutual surprise, they meet Dr. Robotnik, demanding they to give their Emerald to him. Sonic and Tails overpower the villain, but taking advantage of Tails’ inattention, Robotnik steals the Chaos Emerald. As it turns out, Robotnik needs the Emeralds to enhance an ancient god of destruction named Chaos. Chaos is able to absorb Emeralds, thus becoming stronger, and when he absorbs all 7, he will be able to destroy the whole world. Tails and Sonic, giving Robotnik the nickname “Eggman” in the process, decide to stop the villain and go in search of Emeralds. After finding three Chaos Emeralds, however, the heroes immediately lose them, due to their own inattention and Knuckles’ gullibility. Using the Tornado, Tails and Sonic chase Robotnik, who’s running away in his giant flying ship Egg Carrier, but the Egg Carrier weapons shoot the Tornado and the heroes crash. 

Tails, after the crash, finds himself in a different location from Sonic and realizes that the current Tornado is unable to defeat the Egg Carrier, so he goes in search of the Chaos Emerald to strengthen the Tornado. Tails manages to find the Emerald and by working through the night, creates a new version of the Tornado. Soon, Tails finds Sonic and together they go on a chase after Robotnik, who, while Tails was improving the Tornado, kidnapped Sonic’s friend Amy Rose. The new Tornado defeats the Egg Carrier in a battle and the heroes successfully land on the enemy ship. On board, Sonic and Tails find and rescue Amy, but the ship suddenly begins to rapidly lose altitude. Sonic goes in pursuit of Robotnik, while Tails picks up Amy and the two of them escape from the falling ship using Tails’ ability to fly. Upon landing, Tails suddenly notices Robotnik fallen from the Egg Carrier. Robotnik is enraged by the loss of his ship and the defeat of Chaos at the hands of Sonic, so he fires a missile into Station Square. Fortunately for everyone in the city, the missile doesn’t work and Robotnik decides to activate it manually. Tails realizes that Sonic is not around now and that the fate of the city depends only on himself. Overcoming his fear and uncertainty, Tails enters a deadly race with Robotnik for the fate of Station Square. Tails reaches the missile first and disables it, but is immediately attacked by Robotnik in his Egg Walker machine. Tails, however, not without difficulty, defeats the Egg Walker, thus saving the entire city and becoming a hero. For his heroism, Tails is presented with a Chaos Emerald by the government, which plays a huge role in the events that follow. 

Sonic Adventure 2 (2001)
Sonic is imprisoned after being accused of attacking the military and robbery. Tails, in disbelief of his friend’s guilt, makes his way to Prison Island, where Sonic is being held. On the island, to his own surprise, Tails sees Dr. Robotnik (who has officially taken on the nickname Dr. Eggman) attacking Amy Rose. Tails, using Tornado’s transformation into a robot, protects Amy, and together they set out to rescue Sonic. While Tails breaks through the military’s forces, Amy finds Sonic’s cage and releases him. Sonic immediately went in pursuit for the black hedgehog, named Shadow the Hedgehog, who was seen by Amy on the island, and who by all signs, is responsible for Sonic’s imprisoning. Sonic soon returned and in a hurry reported that the whole island was about to explode. Tails, Sonic and Amy escape the island on the Tornado at the last second. Shortly after the explosion, Dr. Eggman announces that he is capable of destroying the entire planet unless its inhabitants surrender to the mercy of the Eggman Empire within 24 hours. To demonstrate his serious intentions, Eggman uses an energy beam to destroy half the moon. The heroes assume that Eggman is using the power of the Chaos Emeralds, so using the Emerald possessed by Tails (the exact one he was gifted with for saving Station Square), they learn that the other 6 Emeralds are in space. By sneaking into the President’s limousine, who’s talking to Eggman at this moment, Sonic and Tails manage to find out that the villain is on the Space Colony Ark. Together, Tails, Sonic, Knuckles and Amy steal a rocket from the Doctor and head for the colony. There, Tails gives Sonic a fake Chaos Emerald capable of detonating Eggman’s weapon from within, causing a critical error, but Sonic fails to execute the plan as Amy is captured. While rushing to the rescue, Sonic encounters Eggman, who demands the Emerald in exchange for Amy’s life. Sonic tries to trick the doctor by giving him the fake Emerald, but due to a mistake by Tails, who reveals to the Doctor that the Emerald is fake, the plan fails and Sonic is dropped into outer space. In desperation, Amy sobs and Tails faces Robotnik in a deadly battle. Soon, however, Tails is contacted via communicator by Sonic, who turns out to be alive. He asks Tails and Amy to look out the window of the colony, which they do. Having lost too much time, Sonic destroyed Eggman’s weapon from the outside instead of the original plan, preventing the shot. Despite Sonic’s best efforts, Eggman still manages to insert the last Chaos Emerald into the weapon and the colony’s system uses their energy to send the colony into the planet and destroy all life on it. The heroes and villains unite to stop the colony from falling, but an Ultimate Life Form prototype, the Biolizard, stands in their way. Taking the form of Super Sonic and Super Shadow, the hedgehogs defeat the monster, but Shadow heroically dies in battle. All the heroes bid farewell to Shadow and word of his sacrifice spreads throughout the planet he saved.

Sonic Advance (2001), Sonic Advance 2 (2002)
You can see the development of Tails after the events of Sonic Adventure (1998), as Tails finally acts separately from Sonic, showing independence and one-man heroism.

Sonic Heroes (2003)
Neo Metal Sonic decides to avenge his own defeat by capturing Eggman’s Empire and all its robots, taking doctor himself as a prisoner in the process. Tails, Sonic and Knuckles, otherwise known as Team Sonic, defeat the mighty fleet of robots, but after copying DNA of Tails, Sonic, Knuckles, Chaos and the now returned from the dead Shadow, Metal Sonic becomes the Metal Overlord, a completely invincible and unbeatable monster. Team Dark, Team Chaotix and Team Rose distract the Metal Overlord while Tails, Sonic and Knuckles use the Chaos Emeralds to take their Super forms. With the power of the Emeralds, the heroes manage to defeat the monster and things return to normal.

Sonic Battle (2003)
Sonic, while walking on Emerald Beach, suddenly discovers a robot. Trying to figure out what it is, Sonic picks up the robot when it demands a demonstration of power. Without thinking long, Sonic shows a couple of his techniques to the robot and it declares an established “link”. Under the impression that the robot is broken, Sonic takes the robot to the Tails lab, but on the way he meets Rouge the Bat, a thief with a strange interest in the robot, as well as Shadow, who attacks Sonic. Sonic defeats Shadow and the black hedgehog leaves, telling Sonic to keep an eye on the robot. Tails analyzes the robot and discovers that it is a very powerful machine, capable of absorbing Chaos Emeralds thus becoming stronger, as well as copying the fighting techniques of other fighters. Sonic finds this very cool and decides to upgrade the robot to the max. Sonic gives the robot the name Emerl and they begin their adventure together.
Shortly after Emerl absorbs the first Chaos Emerald, Tails begins to sense something wrong and decides to study the robot in more detail. He takes Emerl to Emerald Town’s central laboratory, but they won’t let him in. Trying to figure out what to do, Tails walks around the street when suddenly Rouge appears in front of him. Tails doesn’t trust the thief, but she, using her connections in the government, offers him almost gratuitous help. She is willing to give Tails her pass to the laboratory. Tails, still struggling to understand what is going on, however, does not refuse the offer and, using Rouge’s pass, enters the lab and studies Emerl. It turns out that Emerl was studied at that very Space Colony Ark by Eggman’s grandfather, Professor Gerald Robotnik. Apparently Emerl was a monstrous destruction machine that destroyed his own creators. By consuming all seven Chaos Emeralds, Emerl would activate Earth’s destruction program. Suddenly, an alarm is activated and Tails and Emerl are attacked by defensive robots. Fighting their way out of the lab, Tails and Emerl are confronted by Shadow, who demands to be allowed to destroy the Gizoid. Tails disagrees and a battle ensues, resulting in Tails and Emerl defeating the black hedgehog. He leaves, but warns that he will return. When the duo returns, Tails tells Sonic about everything, but hedgehog pays little attention to the information because he sees Emerl as a friend and does not consider the robot to be a common weapon of destruction.

In the process of adventuring, Emerl forms his own personality and he builds a very friendly relationship with Sonic, Tails, Rouge, Knuckles, Amy, Cream the Rabbit and even Shadow. The black hedgehog, using a program left by Dr. Gerald Robotnik, disables the system of world destruction that Tails found earlier and Emerl safely absorbs the seventh Chaos Emerald. Soon, however, due to the severe emotional turmoil caused by Eggman’s deception, Emerl goes out of control and triggers the system to destroy the world. Sonic has to fight Emerl and inflict severe damage on the robot. Emerl, defeated, says goodbye to Sonic and explodes. It turns out that Dr. Gerald Robotnik has embedded a program in Emerl that will explode him if he tries to destroy the planet. The heroes grieve for Emerl and say goodbye to him. They still believe that Emerl lives in the shards of the Chaos Emeralds, and when all the wars and conflicts in the world are over, Emerl will return to his friends.

Sonic Advance 3 (2004)
Eggman creates a new robot named Gemerl. Gemerl was created based on a Gizoid, so he’s also able to copy the fighting abilities of other fighters. Unlike his original, Gemerl was loyal to his creator and stood with him against Tails, Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Cream. In the final battle, after losing against the heroes, Eggman and Gemerl began to retreat, but suddenly Gemerl disobeyed the doctor, attacked Sonic, grabbed 7 Chaos Emeralds and took his final form, Ultimate G-merl, wrecking havoc everywhere. Sonic uses the power of the Chaos Emeralds to obtain his Super form and joins forces with Eggman, who wishes to stop the machine that betrayed him, defeating the Ultimate G-merl.
After his defeat, Gemerl is almost destroyed and falls to the ground, where he is found by Cream. She carries the broken robot to Tails. He fixes the robot and changes it’s original function, making the robot friendlier. The upgraded Gemerl settles into the house with Cream and her mom Vanilla the Rabbit, living with them in peace to this day.

Sonic Rush (2005)
Sonic meets a mysterious female stranger with fiery powers as well as a certain twin of Eggman who calls himself Eggman Nega. Also, Tails discovers that the very existence of their dimension is in danger for unknown reasons. Sonic and Tails pursue the female stranger, gathering Chaos Emeralds and fighting Eggman Nega in the process. The stranger turns out to be a visitor from a parallel dimension, Blaze the Cat. Blaze is the princess of the Sol Dimension as well as the guardian of the Sol Emeralds, but recently the Sol Emeralds were stolen by Dr. Eggman and she is trying to get them back. Eggman Nega is also a visitor from the Sol Dimension and appears to be on the same side with Eggman. Sonic offers to help, but Blaze rudely refuses. Sonic insists and in the end, Sonic and Blaze end up fighting. After the fight, Blaze finally accepts help and Sonic, along with Blaze, defeats Eggman and Eggman Nega. Soon, however, Sonic’s dimension and Sol Dimension begin to merge and using the energy from the spatial rift, Eggman and Eggman Nega build the perfect robot. Using the power of Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds, Sonic and Blaze become Super Sonic and Burning Blaze and, working together, defeat Eggmans. After the battle, Blaze returns to her dimension, calling Sonic her friend.

Sonic Rush Adventure (2007)
Sonic and Tails, flying over the sea on the Tornado, get caught in a storm and crash. They find themselves on a strange island in the company of a stranger named Marine the Raccoon. Marine turns out to be a very cheerful girl who has always dreamed of traveling. Tails builds a water transport and together, Sonic, Tails and Marine begin to explore the surroundings. In one of the caves favored by pirates, the heroes meet Captain Whisker – the leader of the pirates, as well as to the surprise of the heroes, meet another pursuer of Whisker being Blaze the Cat. It turns out that Sonic and Tails have moved to the Sol Dimension. Together, Sonic and Blaze defeat the pirates and Blaze finally brings the heroes up to speed. The pirates have stolen the Jeweled Scepter, a powerful artifact that Blaze’s family is sworn to protect. Sonic and Tails promise to help retrieve the Scepter and Marine keeps them company. In the end, it turns out that it was all Eggman and Eggman Nega’s plan to use the Jeweled Scepter to awaken the power sleeping in the planet’s core. Using the power of the Chaos Emeralds and Sol Emeralds, Super Sonic and Burning Blaze, with a little help from Marine, defeat Eggmans and bring the Jeweled Scepter home. Sonic and Tails also return to their dimension, though they have a hard time saying goodbye to Marine.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (2008)
Tails, Sonic, Knuckles and Amy supported by GUN forces storm Eggman’s fortress and seemingly kill the evil doctor.
After defeating the Doctor, Sonic disappears for almost half a year. After this time, the world was invaded by mysterious warriors, immediately nicknamed Marauders. They stole Chaos Emeralds, defeated the military in battle and also kidnapped Knuckles, so Tails was forced to call Sonic for help. Marauders turned on Eggman’s old robots and used them for their own purposes, causing the heroes, led by Sonic, to go after Eggman himself. The Doctor, who, of course, appeared to be alive convinced the heroes that he had given up on villainy and offered to help fight the Marauders. It turns out that the Marauders are an ancient, high-tech echidna clan exiled to another world called Nocturnus. They stole the Master Emerald and the Chaos Emeralds in order to use jewels’ power to open a portal back to the world, then take it over. The heroes decided to pursue Nocturnus, but to do so they needed to build a reliable ship. This was done by Tails and Eggman, who built a partnership and, in the process of their adventures together, became somewhat friendly – Tails regarded Eggman as a senior comrade and greatly respected his scientific abilities, while the Doctor himself never failed to marvel at the fox’s resourcefulness. Dr. Robotnik stayed in Sonic’s world, arguing that he had to prepare the return of the heroes, while the heroes themselves went to Nocturne. In the dimension Twilight Cage, in which Nocturnus was imprisoned, under the command of Tails, the heroes, united with other alien races, with great effort managed to defeat the lord of the Nocturnus named Imperator Ix and successfully returned home. On their return, however, they were in for a surprise – a huge, hostile robotic army of Eggman, built by Doctor while the heroes were away.

Sonic Colors (2010)
Dr. Eggman has built an amusement park in space and using special generators, has hooked the worlds of the race of the Wisps into this park, preventing these worlds from unhooking themselves. Eggman captures the Wisps and places them in special capsules, draining their life energy, called Hyper-go-on, in order to use that energy to seize control of the minds of all living in Sonic’s world. The Wisps that had been sucked out of their energy turned into Nega Wisps, dark versions of themselves, going mad with pain. Soon, Sonic and Tails enter the park, deciding that a park in space built by Eggman is suspicious. After looking around a bit, Sonic notices Eggman’s robots capturing the Wisps and rescuing the aliens from the evil machines. One of the rescued, a Wisp named Yacker, tries to communicate with Sonic, but it doesn’t work because they speak different languages. Tails uses his machines and scientific genius to create a special translator that allows them to talk to Yacker. The Wisp tells them about the outrage in Eggman’s park and Sonic goes on a trip to the planets shutting down all the generators and rescuing Wisps. In the end, Sonic shuts down all the generators and fights Eggman in a final battle, previously allowing Tails to evacuate from the park. Sonic won and Eggman was blown out into outer space, but Sonic himself was unable to escape the Hyper-go-on energy tearing out of the park. However, Sonic is rescued from certain death by Yacker and the other Wisps who then transports Sonic to solid ground. Sonic and Tails thank Yacker and are preparing to say goodbye when Nega-Mother Wisp, the mother of all the Wisps, defiled by Eggman’s machines appears. Sonic, using the 7 Chaos Emeralds, transforms into Super Sonic and defeats Nega-Mother Wisp in combat, which restores her sanity. After the battle, all Wisps and their worlds leave Sonic’s world and the heroes have to say goodbye to Yacker, but even after this introduction to Sonic’s world, many Wisps enjoyed it and decided to stay there, many times helping Sonic in battles with Eggman and other villains in the future.

Sonic Generations (2011)
All Sonic’s friends are making a birthday party for Sonic, when suddenly, a huge black creature appears and captures all the heroes into unknown dark portals. In the next second, Sonic wakes up in some mysterious white room. He explores the area and finds places he visited throughout his live. Sonic, to his great surprise, suddenly encounters himself from the past. It turns out that along with Sonic from the past, Tails from the past is also in this world, as well as many of Sonic’s friends from the future. Together, the two Sonics and two Tails rescue their friends and collect the 7 Chaos Emeralds, finally meeting the dark entity in battle. It turns out that it’s named Time Eater and is controlled by Dr. Eggman along with his version from the past, Dr. Robotnik. Using the Chaos Emeralds, the Sonics take the form of Super Sonics and defeat the evil Doctors, after which all the heroes return to their own time.

Sonic Lost World (2013)
Sonic and Tails are chasing Eggman, who’s stealing animals again to save them. Eggman escapes on a mysterious hidden world, named Lost Hex, a valley cut off from the rest of the world that does not follow the usual rules of physics and logic. Almost immediately, Sonic and Tails are attacked by Zeti – 6 new villains who are helping Eggman in his plans, but Sonic overpowers the two of them and at one point, going against the advice of Tails, knocks the mysterious artefact, the Cacophonic Conch out of Eggman’s hands so that the artifact is out of his reach. It turns out that this artifact was used by the Doctor to control the Zeti, and because of Sonic’s actions, they broke free. Once free, the Zeti use their special abilities and take control of all of Eggman’s machines. Using the Extractor, a special machine created by Eggman, which extracts planet’s energy, the Zeti siphon off almost all of the planet’s energy, bringing all life to the brink of extinction. Sonic and Eggman team up to stop the villains, even though Tails doesn’t trust and doesn’t want to work with Eggman. At one point, when Sonic tries to free animals from another capsule, he doesn’t notice a trap (thanks to his haste) and almost ends up being captured, but Tails pushes Sonic away, sacrificing himself and being captured in the end. At Zeti’s base, Tails is being roboticized, but the fox, using his two tails, manages to reprogram his own robotization and not lose his mind. In the end, Sonic rescues Tails from captivity and defeats all the Zetis in a battle, and then also defeats Eggman, who, of course, betrayed the heroes, after which Tails shuts off the Extractor and restores the planet’s energy.

Sonic Forces (2017)
A powerful new villain named Infinite attacks Sonic. With the help of Metal Sonic, Chaos, Shadow, and Zavok (leader of the Zeti), Infinite manages to defeat Sonic and the hedgehog finds himself captured by Eggman. Together, Eggman and Infinite take over 99% of the world with little or no resistance. Only faint echoes of the Resistance, led by Knuckles, fought the invaders, though unsuccessfully.
Tails is completely lost after Sonic’s death (at least he was considered dead) and wanders aimlessly around the world. At one point, he is attacked by Chaos, but just in time a portal to a parallel dimension opens, from which the same Classic Sonic, a younger version of Sonic with whom the heroes have already worked together in Sonic Generations (2011),  emerges. With Tails, Classic Sonic sets out to explore the devastated world, battles Eggman and his robots and finally joins The Resistance, which has already freed Sonic from captivity and is preparing a plan of a counterattack. Both Sonics, with considerable help from the Resistance’s newcomer, Avatar, defeat Eggman and Infinite. During the course of the adventure, Classic Sonic formed a very friendly relationship with Tails and before returning to his dimension, they had a very hard time saying goodbye.

Sonic Frontiers (2022)
Tails, Sonic and Amy are travelling to the Starfall Islands to find the Chaos Emeralds, but while flying a Tornado near the Islands, they are suddenly sucked into Cyberspace. Sonic finds himself the only one able to escape Cyberspace. After he succeeds, he appears on one of the Starfall Islands, namely Kronos Island, where a mysterious voice in his head suddenly speaks to him, assuring him that Sonic must defeat the three mighty Titans in order to save Tails, Amy and Knuckles (who entered Cyberspace independently of the others). Following the voice’s instructions, Sonic begins his journey to Kronos Island, where he encounters Sage, an artificial intelligence created by Dr. Eggman (who also happens to be trapped in Cyberspace) to take over a Cyberspace built by Ancients, a civilization that lived on the planet before the echidnas and inhabited the Starfall Islands. Sage pits the Titans against Sonic, and Sonic is forced to flee from them. 

On Chaos Island, Sonic meets Tails, and though Sonic cannot rescue him from Cyberspace, they can still talk. In the process of talking to his friend, Sonic learns that Tails feels like ballast, hiding in Sonic’s shadow. After the events of Sonic Forces (2017), where Tails proved to be a coward, being weakened by the loss of Sonic, Tails feels insecure and weak. Sonic supports his friend, and after pondering for a while, Tails decides that once they get out of the Starfall Islands, Tails will go on his own, adventure independent from Sonic, to become complete and self-sufficient. Sonic is sad to say goodbye to his friend, but supports Tails and wishes him good luck.

After finding all 7 Chaos Emeralds, Sonic takes the form of Super Sonic several times and faces off against the Titans in battles. After defeating all the Titans, Sonic finds himself consumed by the Cybercorruption caused by his attempt to save his friends, but Tails, Amy and Knuckles are saved. The friends manage to save Sonic from Cybercorruption, but it turns out that all along the mysterious voice belonged to an ancient galactic evil sealed by the Ancients in Cyberspace, and by defeating the Titans, Sonic has released this evil into the world. Sonic and Eggman have to team up to find the Chaos Emeralds on Ouranos Island, so Sonic and Sage scour the entire island. Finally, having collected all the Chaos Emeralds with Eggman and Sage’s help, Super Sonic faces off against the final Titan (namely Supreme), in which the evil entity has been sealed. Super Sonic defeats Supreme, but the evil entity moves into the Moon and uses it as it’s temporary body. Sage takes control of Supreme and joins Super Sonic in attacking the Moon. Super Sonic and Sage succeed in destroying the Moon along with the evil sealed within it, but in the process Sage has to sacrifice her life. Sonic returns to his friends and together they leave Starfall Islands. Tails, Amy and Knuckles rethink a lot in the process and decide to separate from Sonic and go on their own adventures. Sonic, though sadly, sees his friends off, sincerely wishing them well.

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