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Main Properties ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○

Real Name :

International Name :

Species :

Gender :

Height :

Weight :

Age :

Status :

Miles Prower the Fox




80 cm (2’7)

20 Kg (44lb)

8 (canonically disputed)


Real Name : Miles Prower the Fox

International Name : Tails

Species : Fox

Gender : Male

Height : 80 cm (2’7)

Weight : 20 Kg (44lb)

Age : 8 (canonically disputed)

Status : Alive

More Information ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○

Character type :

First Appearance :

Special Ability :

Teams :

Classic Version :

Transformations :

Eye color :

Fur :


Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)

The ingenious mechanic

Team Sonic / Team Heroes (Tails, Sonic, Knuckles)



Blue (Black in Classic Style)


Character type : Fly/Intelligence

First Appearance : Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992)

Special Ability : The ingenious mechanic

Teams : Team Sonic aka Team Heroes (Tails,Sonic,Knuckles)

Classic Version : Exists

Transformations : Available

Eye color : Blue (Black in Classic Style)

Fur : Amber

Original Theme

believe in myself [Sonic Adventure]

Personality & More

Tails is a fox who’s personality radiates of what one would classify as an ideal true friend. With a heart bigger than his own body and intellectual brilliance beyond one’s imagination, Tails is an individual who intends on creating mechanical creations, along with wishing to help others. He is always with his best friend – Sonic. The two fight through all obstacles together, not allowing anything to get in their way. However, when Sonic isn’t around, Tails starts to lose self-confidence becomes frightened. Nevertheless, he always tries to overcome his weaknesses and always attempts to do what is right.

Tails enjoys building things. He has his very own laboratory and plane. Tails has great pilot skills, and nobody can’t beat him in the sky.


Super Tails
[Super Emeralds / Master Emerald]


Special Skills

Incredible constructions skills, Propeller Flying, Great pilot skills, Spin Attack, Spin Jump, Spin Dash, Super form, Tail Attack, Continuous Tail Attack, Car driving, Grinding, Hoverboard using, Homing Attack.

  • Mechanical things
  • Flying, as on plane, as by his tails
  • Hanging around with Sonic
  • Helping others
  • Adventures
  • Becomming stronger
  • Feeling scared and useless
  • Ghosts
  • Thunder
  • Being teased
  • Being useless

Tails weakness revolves around his lack of self-confidence. He became fearful without Sonic.

Tails also has a weakness against the supernatural as he isn’t the fondest of ghosts. He is also very inexperienced, so inexperienced that on one occasion, Sonic nearly died from his mistake. (Sonic Adventure 2).

Character Versions
  • Classic Tails [Canon]
  • Modern Tails [Canon]
  • Ali Baba [Canon]
  • Blacksmith [Canon]
  • Generations/Mania Tails [Canon] AND [Parallel canon]
  • Boom Tails
  • IDW Tails
  • Archie Tails
  • Movie Tails
Sonic Channel

Tails, whose real name is Miles Prower, is a kind-hearted little fox with two tails.

By spinning his tails, he can fly. When he was bullied by everyone for having two tails, he happened to meet Sonic and was encouraged by the sight of him running, which made him long for Sonic and he never left his side.

He loves to tinker with machines and develops various mechanisms. He is a cute little brother to Sonic, but Tails himself hopes to one day become the kind of person that Sonic can rely on. He uses his abilities to support Sonic’s activities.

Neutral Relationships
Biography & Details

Tails first met with Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (1992), during a conversation where Tails was admired by Sonic’s plane ‘Tornado’. But then, Dr. Robotnik attacked with the purpose to collect all seven Chaos Emeralds, allowing him to build his Death Egg. Tails upgraded Sonic’s Tornado, and this allowed Sonic to defeat Robotnik, preventing the launch of the Death Egg. In Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, Tails helped Sonic again in the  battle against Robotnik and a new enemy – Knuckles, who was tricked by the evil doctor. In this game, using seven Super Emeralds, Tails could transform into Super Tails. Sonic and Tails did not only win against Robotnik, but also convinced Knuckles of their good motives and returned the stolen Master Emerald. In Sonic Adventure (1998) Tails finally succeeded in overcoming his lack of self-confidence, stopping Dr. Eggman from destroying Station Square. In Sonic Adventure 2 (2001) Tails transformed his plane Tornado into a robot. As a team, Tails, Sonic, Knuckles, Eggman, Rouge and Shadow saved the planet from the falling space colony Ark. In Sonic Heroes (2003) Tails teamed up with Sonic and Knuckles in Team Sonic and used his super form to prevent Metal Sonic from ruling everything. In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (2008), after Sonic went on a journey after finally defeating Eggman, Tails learned independence and leadership skills. On his own, he actually led an expedition into another dimension to stop an invasion by the echidna clan Nocturnus. Likewise, in this game, Tails built a strong partnership with Eggman and even respected him. In Sonic Forces (2017) Tails almost become delusional, as be believed that Sonic was dead. After this, he went back to his fearful ways, becoming clingy, but also building a close relationship with Classic Sonic. At the end, after discovering Sonic is alive Tails returned to his original state. 

Images & Icons
Classic Tails
Modern Tails
Boom Tails
Super Tails

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