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Main Properties ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○

Real Name :

International Name :

Species :

Gender :

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Weight :

Age :

Status :

Imperator Ix of the Nocturnus

Imperator Ix






Not active

Real Name : Imperator Ix of the Nocturnus

International Name : Imperator Ix 

Species : Echidna

Gender : Male

Height : Unknown

Weight : Unknown

Age : Unknown

Status : Not active

More Information ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○

Character Type :

First Appearance :

Special Ability :

Teams :

Classic Version :

Transformations :

Eye color :

Fur :

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (2008)

Doesn’t exist




Character Type : –

First Appearance : Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (2008)

Special Ability : –

Teams : –

Classic Version : Doesn’t exist

Transformations : Available

Eye color : White

Fur : White

Original Theme

Ix: Final Boss [Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood]

Personality & More

Self-assured and narcissistic, Imperator Ix will do anything for the prosperity of the Nocturnus Clan. He always has a strategy and is very cunning. Moreover, he is a wise and strong warrior, one of the strongest warriors the world has seen. With his vast knowledge of technology, he is able to control energy itself and use incredible machines unknown to Sonic’s world.

Imperator Ix could have been a good person, but his greed ruined him. He seems to really want his people to prosper, but his unstoppable will to dominate the world has forced the heroes to defeat him and imprison him in another dimension for all eternity.


Ultimate power of the Nocturnus
[Master Emerald]

  • Power
  • Domination
  • Ruling
  • Enemies of the Nocturnus
  • Those who gets in his way
  • Disobedience
  • Questioning his ways
Character Versions
  • Chronicles Ix [Canon]
  • Archie Ix
Special Skills

Levitation, Teleportation, Doom Orb, Power Blast, Dark Anomaly, Ultimate power of the Nocturnus, Overload.


Practically, Imperator Ix has no weaknesses – he is a brilliant strategist, a brilliant warrior, and has tremendous energy. Only Super Sonic could defeat Ix in combat.

Neutral Relationships
Biography & Details

Before the events of the games…
In the times of ancient civilizations, two belligerent echidna peoples took an advanced position in military technology and began to fight among themselves – Knuckles Clan and Nocturnus Clan. However, one day, due to the hasty actions of Pachacamac, the leader of the Knuckles Clan, the entire clan was destroyed and Nocturnus became the strongest clan in the world. With unlimited resources, the Nocturnus created Gizoids, an army of perfect, nearly invincible robots. For their incredible strength and brutal actions, one day, the entire clan was exiled by an unknown force into the Twilight Cage – a parallel dimension where the most powerful imperialistic peoples from all worlds are exiled. In Twilight Cage, the Nocturnus subjugated the peoples of Kron, Zoah, N’rrgal and Voxai and began to develop teleportation technology to one day return home.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (2008)
A few years later, such technology was invented – special teleportation devices would allow a small band of Nocturnus to be flown in to steal the Master Emerald, which would allow a portal large enough to open for the entire Nocturnus Clan to return home. Imperator Ix of the Nocturnus personally led this detachment. His right hand was Procurator Shade. Once back on their home world, the Nocturnus found that about 4,000 years had passed since their exile, which meant that time in Twilight Cage went by much faster. Realizing this, the Nocturnus began a cautious operation to steal the Master Emerald. In the process, Shade of the Nocturnus meets Knuckles the Echidna, the last echidna on Earth, as well as the guardian of the Master Emerald. Shade defeats Knuckles in combat, but leaves him alive. Soon after, Nocturnus successfully steals Master Emerald, but are forced to face off in combat with Sonic the Hedgehog and his team, also including Knuckles. Sonic’s team doesn’t stand a chance against Imperator Ix and he, along with Master Emerald, returns to Twilight Cage, screaming that he will take over the world. Procurator Shade notices that they didn’t plan to take over the world, for which Imperator Ix almost kills her. Fortunately, Knuckles saves Shade and she joins Sonic’s team.

Using the shuttle built by two geniuses, Dr. Ivo Robotnik aka Eggman and Miles “Tails” Prower, Sonic’s team along with Shade set off in pursuit of Imperator Ix in Twilight Cage. There, the team unites Kron, Zoah, N’rrgal and Voxai against the Imperator and by using the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds, defeat the tyrant. Admitting defeat, Imperator Ix decides to close the exit from the Twilight Cage to take revenge on the heroes, but they manage to escape when Ix himself, along with the Nocturnus Clan, is left locked away forever.

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Imperator Ix



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