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What's new?

Sonic Metropolis has been going through many different phases and updates for a while now. Most improvements that have been made over the time at Metropolis were often connected to site stability, security, and the performance. But occasionally, we also extend specific site features to give the user more content to enjoy here. And yet, all this time, the users themselves were incredibly limited when it came to profile management.

But that was before, and this is now. We decided with Sonic Metropolis v.3.2 to change the way profiles work here at Metropolis completely. Not only can our members post comments and their own content via our editor, but they also finally can manage their very own profile page and more!

Upload new profile images or banners, edit your biography, and fill out as many of our profile fields as you want. In addition to all of this, you can set your own privacy and visibility options if you wish to hide certain information from non registered people.

Changes will be eventually made over the time to the profiles, by adding new profile fields, new functions, or anything else which might be connected to this site system.

To access your profile, you need to log in first and navigate to the right to your profile image. From there on, just click on (profile) and you’re there!

To view other peoples profiles, all you need to do is to click on their nickname obviously.

Activity Posts?

Similar to Twitter, registered users are now able to post so-called ‘Activities‘. What they are, is basically nothing more than a public message or status to Sonic Metropolis. These can also be notifications about new registered users, members who updated their profile page or other notifications which come right from the user itself.

This feature is free to use for every user of Metropolis, meaning there is no need to request any special role to use this feature. Right after your registration, you are already able to use it as often as you like.

New Editor?

Another important note for today is that Sonic Metropolis removed its ‘Dash Editor’ and replaced it with a new one called ‘Frontier Editor’. With the newest editor, our community couriers will be able to edit and publish their posts much better than before. Post management was never easier before as it is now, having even more functions included in this update.

But again, this editor is open to our advanced users only (community couriers). So if you do wish to get access to our editor to post your own Sonic content here, you can request the community courier role at our discord. Just contact any of our staff members about that.

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