Leader & Head Administrator

Sonic the Hedgehog

Male, 06.07.1998

Russian / German

My Theme : It Doesn’t Matter

About me : Sonic fan since childhood and now the head admin and founder of Sonic Metropolis. Im responsible for all technical issues and maintenances. I love sports and the nature. I’m most of the time a pretty calm guy who likes his peace, but on the other hand I also can be the craziest guy alive with a taste for adventures and action. I’m Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog.



Metropolis Manager

Dr. Ivo Robotnik aka Eggman

Male, 26.06.1999

African American

My Theme : Endless Possibility

About me : I am a huge Sonic fan who loves everything from the music and games to characters and dramatic plots. I am currently studying engineering, and love to play games and learn different things I can do with technology. I am the Metropolis Manager for the site and hope to be able to provide as much as content as I can for people to enjoy in the community. I am an easy going person with the strong vision of accomplishing the tasks at hand and to improve the Sonic Metropolis community as much as I can.



Metropolis Guardian

Shadow the Hedgehog

Male, 23.06.2000


My Theme : Live and Learn

About me : I have been a Sonic fan since the age of ten years old, I was drawn to the Sonic series due to the Shadow’s character, though soon I’ve discovered that the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise had great soundtracks and characters. I am currently studying clinical psychology and I like to do my job. I doubt there are many of those who can beat me in knowledge of Sonic the Hedgehog game series.



Metropolis Event Ranger

Metal Sonic

Male, 24.01.1994


My Theme : Open your Heart

About me : I’ve been a Sonic Transformed player since August 2017. Though I’ve been playing games including Team Sonic Racing and other games as well that are not part of the Sonic franchise. I speak mainly Spanish, though I can also speak in English as well. My favourite characters are Metal Sonic and Vector the Crocodile.



Metropolis Courier

Jet the Hawk

Male, 16.10.1996


My Theme : Seven Rings in Hand

About me : I’m a lover of video games and electronic dance music in general. A huge Sonic and Ratchet and Clank fan since an early age. There really isn’t a Sonic game I really hate. Jet the Hawk can be overly cocky, unfair, and too focused on winning, speed, profit behaviour and his rivalry against Sonic. Though despite this, I adore him, both for his design as as Babylon Rouge’s leader.



Metropolis Courier

Espio the Chameleon

Male, 25.07.1999


My Theme : Team Chaotix

About me : Hi there, I can see that you’re reading my bio! My favorite franchises include Sonic the Hedgehog (As you can tell), Portal and Terraria. Besides gaming, my hobbies include ball room dancing, scouting and reading the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie comics.