Sonic Mania Plus OST

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“friends” – opening animation theme discovery – Title Screen Theme alternate opening animation theme ZONES GREEN HILL ACT 1 CHEMICAL PLANT ACT 1 STUDIOPOLIS ACT 1 – Lights, Camera, Action! FLYING BATTERY ACT 1 PRESS GARDEN ACT 1 – tabloid…

Sonic Gaiden

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Sonic Gaiden Creator: AeroArtwork Classification: Mod Base Game: Sonic Mania Plus Download Mod Download Soundtrack General Sonic Gaiden is a large scale project for Sonic Mania that adds new storyline, 9 beautiful new levels, new special stages and blue sphere…

Sonic Mania Plus Mods

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Sonic Gaiden Sonic Gaiden View Knuckles' Emerald Hunt Mania Knuckles' Emerald Hunt Mania View Sonic Megamix Mania Sonic Megamix Mania 2020 DEMO View SHC 2021 Demo Sonic 2 Mania View Blazey Mix Plus Blazey Mix Plus View