This Section of the site is managed mainly by our Metropolis Guardian Saef. Here you can compete together with other Speedrunners, and show your results to the world. We will limit the games only to those in the Sonic Franchise, of course, but you can choose any Sonic game you want. If you have any questions, problems or requests try first to contact Saef instead of the Administrator.

Rules and How To Join

  1. Speedrun contains only one level from any game. It can be ANY game of Sonic franchise no matter the genre. With default arcade its completely clear – you need to send one level, but about some special games:
  • Tails Adventure – completing the whole location (like Volcanic Tunnel or Tails’ House)
  • Any racing game – completing the race WITH bots.
  • Any pinball game – completing the single competition.
  • Sonic Battle – completing the character story.
  • Sonic the Fighters – completing full game.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog – completing any mission of level (different missions count as different levels and will contain each different rankings).
  • Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood – completing any chapter from story mode.

(Some games could be missed, if you have question about rules for specific game of series, ask your question on

  1. You CAN’T use any cheatcodes, mods (including graphic mods), large bugs (like moving through walls or flying through all level) or tool assists.
  2. You CAN’T die while speedrun. If you lose life or restarting the checkpoint it is counted as dying.
  3. You CAN use any small bugs and abuses (different examples: you can abuse Rocket Excel in Sonic Heroes to make your Team Scale infinite (but not in case of a Team Dark, infinite time stop count as a large bug), you can use D- and M-speed in Sonic Generations, as well as you can make yourself faster with a drift, you can use infinite fly as Omega in Sonic 06 etc.)
  4. You CAN use any of items or skills that are allowed ingame (you can use any skills in Sonic Generations, any skills in Story Book diology, any characters, items and skills in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, any skills for Emerl in Sonic Battle, etc.)
  5. For any game with timer “Time” number will be taken from this timer (that means, you can use main menu and it won’t count as time, as well as you can use time stoppers from Sonic Adventure 2 in the Last Story and being on a level whole eternity – it won’t count as time as well). Still, for games without timer “Time” will be the number of minutes and seconds of video from beginning of level to its end, which means, that main menu time will count as well.
  6. In the table all speedruns have their ranking. The ranks DON’T include points and only relay on time.
  7. To place your speedrun on the site, you need to send video with it on as link or as file. You can rewrite your speedrun in the table if you want. How to formulate you’re mail:
  • Theme: Speedrun
  • Your User Name on the Sonic Metropolis (example: Saef)
  • Game: … (example: Sonic Adventure 2)
  • Game version: … (example: Battle, PC)
  • Level: … (example: Final Rush)
  • (only for games with many missions for one stage) Mission: … (example: M1)
  • Time: … (example: 04:12)
  • Points: … (example: 233545)
  • Link on a video: … (or a file)
  • (if want to rewrite): I want to rewrite speedrun on this level with a time … (example: 04:15) and points: … (example: 25012)


Saef1Sonic Adventure 2 Battle PCWhite Jungle M101:481016010.05.2020
Saef1Sonic Adventure 2 Battle PCFinal Chase M102:581152010.05.2020
Saef1Sonic Heroes PCMystic Mansion (Team Dark) 04:006806010.05.2020
Saef1Shadow the Hedgehog GCGlyphic Canion (Neutral)02:074050010.05.2020
Saef1Sonic Forces PCEnemy Territory00:58129300010.05.2020
Saef1Sonic Forces PCEggman's Facility00:5281270010.05.2020
Saef1Sonic Forces PCVirtual Reality01:01161960010.05.2020
Saef1Sonic Adventure 2 Battle PCRadical Highway M101:591233011.05.2020
Saef1Sonic Chronicles:The Dark Brotherhood DSChapter 4 A wolf in the shadows04:01-23.07.2020