A competitive mod for the original “Sonic Riders” geared towards making the game a viable competitive esport. This means massive overhauls to the game through changes to stages, type shortcuts, gears, and mechanics in the game.

Important: This is a patcher for the GameCube version, meaning you’ll need your own copy of the game. This patcher only accepts NTSC-U copies in .ISO and .NKIT.ISO formats.

Extreme Gear Labs Dolphin Build
The custom Dolphin build with netplay improvements, controller profiles, etc… Windows, Linux (MacOS version coming soon)

Latest Release (Version 1.0.5):
ExGL Riders V1.0.5
Project Introduction

Download Links

Sonic Riders DX v2.0 Patcher:
Download [MEGA]

HD Texture Pack (5 versions):
Download [GameBanana]

More about Sonic Riders DX V2.0
Information [Sonicfangameshq]

Extreme Gear Labs Website
Link to Website