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A group of passionate Sonic Boom fans came together to work on bringing a fan made youtube series a la Sonic Boom to life. It’s called “Project M2” and already got works like locations, character riggings, and storyboards done. You can support the creators on their Patreon page and with it gain access to work-in-progress assets and plans if you donate to them.

According to the creators behind the “Project M2”, the Patreon funds are only to cover costs of the production. The episodes will be free to watch for everyone on YouTube.

Also: the team behind Project M2 are offering to join them as animator, storyboard artist and other, if interested here their contact email and socials:

[email protected]

Project M2 Instagram

Project M2 Facebook

Let us know what you think about a fan show production a la Sonic Boom.


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Wow, interesting. I like the original Boom series, though if they have such resources, was it necessary to do exactly Boom?..