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One of Sonic Metropolis goals is to bring all the fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise closer together, this means we do also support fans beyond our own community. Do you have an own Sonic community? group? discord server? or even an own site? Then you have the possibility to contact Blu via discord, to request a partnership with Metropolis. And if you ever run into some problems then, you have us as partners who will support you!

Our Partners and User Groups


The Blurs’ Speedway
Category : Youtube, Community, Discussions
Group Leader : GamerBlake90
Type : Discord Server

The Blurs' Speedway

We are the Blue Blurs for Life, a community with an undying love for all things Sonic! The Blue Blurs consist of modders, voice actors, developers, musicians, YouTubers - essentially, content creators of all varieties! The Blurs' Speedway is the best place to get notified on content updates from the owner (GamerBlake), news and discussions about Sonic, and updates on what other creators are up to!


Sonic District
Category : News, Merchandise
Group Leader : Hedgelot
Type : Website

Sonic District

A website about sonic merchandise! This website is currently being made for the owner of and is currently work in progress.


Category : Community, Art, Events, Games
Group Leader : FenriRez, FlameStream, MTQLS
Type : Discord Server


Originally formed on DeviantART 17 years ago, Sonic-Club has brought over 12k artists together from all over the world to support the blue hedgehog and his fans. Our semi-busy server has just hit 1k members recently.
If you're looking for a chill place, want to talk games and art, join us for daily gaming-
This place is for you!

Sonic-Club offers:
• friendly and helpful Staff
• a massive gallery section with art events every month
• art feedback and tutorials
• crispy memes
• game nights, vip streams and group voice chats on a weekly basis hosted by the staff
• lots of incentives and custom roles to earn!
...and much more!


Sonic HQ
Category : Music, Comics, News
Group Leader : Lighthead
Type : Website

Sonic HQ

Sonic HQ has been around since 1998 and has since been a source of information for comics, music and other media.


Team Sonic Racing Tournaments
Category : Games, Tournaments, PC
Group Leader : Nightcat, O’Reicer, Nexus
Type : Steam Group

Team Sonic Racing Tournaments

Welcome everyone! We are an active community of players, the main goal of this group is to organize and attend tournaments, events and Matchmaking online races, having a good time with friends.


Team Sonic Racers
Category : Gaming, Discussions, Chat
Group Leader : VersaDile
Type : Discord Server

Team Sonic Racers

The Team Sonic Racing Discord Server. Host races and chat with friends here for the ultimate racing experience. Join our community with over 1000 members and keep TSR going!


The Shuffle
Category : Community, Discussions, Social
Group Leader : Velocity
Type : Discord Server

The Shuffle

The Shuffle is a Sonic Shuffle-themed server built for Sonic fans and casuals. We bring people together, have fun, and discuss about whatever opinions we have, without being judged for them!

The community is aimed to be positive & mature, with big things planned for the future to make everyone be more involved. We have fun & cute emotes, a place to show off creative content, and you can even ask the owner questions in an exclusive channel.

We plan to be one of, if not the the biggest and best Sonic communities out there, and just a great community in general for people to hang out, relax, feel at home, and make lots of new friends.

Join today, and become a Card Wielder to save Maginaryworld!


SONIC Parallax
Category : Roleplay, Art, Discussions
Group Leader : Trips
Type : Discord Server

Mobius RP
This is SONIC Parallax, a server dedicated to character building and growth! Design your characters as you see fit with the help of our experienced staff; even our regular members can join in on the discussions too. We will assist you in fine-tuning, balancing, and developing a great backstory you are sure to approve of. Use what you learn here even on other servers! Start from scratch or with what you have, there is no limit to your imagination.

Join us in various surprise events and boss raids and even the rare crossover specials! Who knows? You might just miss out on something you like.