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Sega has announced that the company First 4 Figures will produce and sell two Shadow statues. A normal Shadow and a Super Shadow statue. This was done to celebrate the 30th anniversary. Both normal Shadow and the Super Shadow statues have two editions. The default edition and the exclusive edition. The exclusive edition ads 2 LED functions. This is incoperated into the burst of energy below Shadows feet and can be lid up or turned off.

If you place an order before 21st July (which is means there are only 4 days left), you’ll get the early bird special. Each of the individual statues is currently on sale for $533.49 USD, after the early bird discount ends they’ll each cost you $582.99. There’s also a combo deal, where you can get both figures for a total of $1,033.99. After the early bird offer ends this will cost you $1,099.99.

The announced estimated release date is Q2 2022.

And the products attributes are:

Product Size (including the base for the statue):

Height – 19.6 inches (49.8cm)                    Width – 11 inches (28cm)

Depth – 18 inches (46cm)                          Weight – 5.580KG

Are you excited for this statue? Let us know your opinion down in the comments!
And with that I end this post with some fitting music.

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