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Sonic's new (Card)game

It’s has been quite some time since any game-related news was announced. And here it is, the teaser for the newest game. A card game. It is quite unexpected and Sega hasn’t revealed much yet about this project but the fans have something new to look forward to. 

The card game will be produced by the company Steamforged Games. This is not their first experience with transforming video games franchise into board/card games. Before this they made board games for “Horizon zero dawn”, “Devil May Cry”, and “Resident Evil”. 

The only information they have published about this new card game is
“Sonic’s the name, and speed is the game—literally! Join the beloved blue blur in a competitive card racing game where you’ll collect power-ups and rings to win. 

It’s fast family fun you’ll race through again and again.”

It seems that speed is going to be part of the gameplay. But aside from that, not much can be discovered about the card game yet.

This website will keep you updated when new information has been released.

Signing off – Mrgamebase

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