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Hey ho dear community! Since our Site is back on track i would like to list a quick summary of some interesting Sonic news while Sonic Metropolis was in maintenance mode. This quick news post will not cover everything from every field and will not go in too much detail. Thank you for understanding. Let’s get started!:


SAGE 2020: 20 years of the Sonic Amateur Gaming Expo! Indeed we had the 20th Anniversary of SAGE happening, showcasing tons of Sonic fangames/mods and coming projects

SAGE 20th Anniversary Logo

Sonic x Ninjala Collab Reveal and Event: In the game Ninjala for the Nintendo Switch happend an Event where players could unlock Sonic the hedgehog character costumes and emotes. This event happend between the 23th of September and the 21st of October.

Sonic x Ninjala Collab

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG “ENCYCLO-SPEED-IA” release date revealed: A Sonic the Hedgehog “bible” containing a history of Sonic lore is planned for release in June 2021

The First Wave of SONIC 30TH ANNIVERSARY Merchandise is launching in December: For starting out the coming year with new Sonic Stuff, it got announced that the first wave of new Sonic Merchandise to celebrate the 30th Anniversary in physical form will come in December. A few items would be for example: Pop Funko Vinyl Figures, Jewelrys, Accessories, Classic Sonic Comic Books, Sonic G Fuel Energy Drink and more…

Custom Sonic 30th Anniversary picture

SEGA’S 60TH ANNIVERSARY SALE HITS NINTENDO SWITCH: There was a SEGA 60th Anniversary Sale at the Nintendo e-Shop from mid September until October 5th

SEGA 60th Anniversary Banner


Questional Sonic Adventure 3 Tease Rumor on Twitter: The official Sonic Twitter account tweeted a mysterious pic of Sonic Adventure’s Super Sonic having a white “3” on him, since then there were minor rumors it to be a Sonic Adventure 3 tease. Link:

Tweeted picture
The mysterious “3” zoom-in

SEGA’S 60TH ANNIVERSARY SALE HITS STEAM: There was a SEGA 60th Anniversary Sale on Steam from October 10th until October 19th. In it Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was available to get for free.

Sonic x Fall Guys Collab: After Ninjala, the hyped “streamer” game Fall Guys collabs with Sonic. Starting on the October 14th players can unlock a Sonic Costume for the Fall Guy Character

Sonic x Fall Guys
in-game Sonic Costume

Smash Ultimate Patch 9.0: Alongside with Steve from Minecraft joining the Smash Roster, the Patch 9.0 for Smash dropped on the 14th of October. In the Balance changes of the Patch our blue blur hero Sonic got slight Buffs and got at least a little Spotlight in the community(memes) as the man who send Mario to Minecraft!

Buffs/Changes (Dannics approved): Dash attack more damage, Up-air added hitbox on head while active raising, Up-smash more i-frames on start up also a little less lag, Up-tilt little less lag

Sonic sending Mario to Minecraft with his F-Smash


New Festive Sonic Merch available: In the US Sega Shop new winter holiday merch is now available and on sale. Shop Link:

Sonic Unleashed on Xbox Series X tested: In this tweet video you can see Sonic Unleashed running smoothly on the new Xbox Series X. As you may know Sonic Unleashed had on its launch Gen versions of PS3 and Xbox 360 at the kinda last sections, levels of the game performance issues. On the new gen well…they’re no more! Link:

And there you have it. See you soon with fresh Sonic News here on Sonic Metropolis!


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