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Sonic Frontiers news!

This week is happening the Tokyo Games Show and SEGA made a lot of announces for upcoming games from his franchises. Like the release of Judgament games on Steam right now, or new Yakuza games from Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio.

Sonic franchise wasn’t the exception and SEGA bring us a new Sonic Frontiers trailer, you can see it below:

Spoiler maybe? yeah, Super Sonic will be present in Sonic Frontiers. Since Sonic needs more power to beat all Starfall Islands titans, he will use the power of chaos emerals to make it possible. How playable will be Super Sonic? We will know soon.

Did you like the TGS Sonic Frontiers trailer? Let us know at comments or participate at Sonic Metropolis discord server.

Source: Sonic Official media. 

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