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Sonic Frontiers news!

Today from Sonic’s Twitter account was revealed all road map updates coming for 2023 to Sonic Frontiers.

You can see the posting here:

The future free content updates includes:

  • Photo mode ingame.
  • New Challenges.
  • New story and possible new characters playable soon.

Remember, Sonic Frontiers is available worldwide in all console platforms and PC.

Are you excited for Sonic Frontiers updates? Let us know at comments or join Sonic Metropolis discord server.

Source: Sonic Official Media.

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I’m really hoping the extra playable characters feel like playing as… new characters, instead of slightly tweaked Sonics. Although without overhauls to the open world/levels I’m not sure what playing as the others can offer, maybe this means more world/level content, having new koco might mean new powers at least (unless they’re just referring to cosmetics).