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Sonic Frontiers news!

Recently, Sonic Movie 2 debuted at japanese cinemas
and users were reporting a new TV spot/trailer for Sonic Frontiers. There were rumours until just some hours ago, TV Tokyo aired the first Sonic Frontiers ad/trailer today.

You can see it below:

Still no official youtube link or trailer by quality video. Also, you can spot a mysterious voice during the Sonic Frontiers trailer.
You can read the translation thanks by the user @Sephys00 from Twitter.

One last thing, Sonic Frontiers will have a playable demo at Gamescom with some new exclusive footage.

What do you think about the new Sonic Frontiers trailer? You expect a new trailer coming at Gamescom next days? Let us know at comments or joining Sonic Metropolis discord server.

Source: Tracker_TD, SEGA official twitter, @Sonic_Frontier, @Sephys00

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