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Sonic ORIGINS news today!

This morning there was a stream in ファミ通TUBE channel showcasing new gameplay of Sonic ORIGINS. Starting with menu screen, some Sonic 1, 2, CD and 3 gameplay, mirror mode included.

Also some unlockeables through museum mode and mission mode. Some extras like Mania Adventures videos and.. story mode with starting cutscene.

If you’re wondering about Sonic 3 music, they didn’t show Carnival Night or Ice Cap zone yet, but there is a little hope to hear these again, since Sonic CD intro japanese cutscene was played with vocal song “You can do anything”.

3 weeks left before Sonic ORIGINS release. Did you like the footage ingame? You will play Sonic ORIGINS? Let us know at the comments or participate at Sonic Metropolis discord channel.

Source: ファミ通TUBE channel

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