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Due to the Summer Game fest on June 9, 2022, IGN First’s interview of Takashi Iizuka was delayed to today. Check out the video above to hear how Sonic Frontiers became an Open-Zone game. Mr. Iizuka mentions the idea the team created of having an open space for players to interact with Sonic-like 3D actions. He also adds that “we also have more traditional linear high speed action stages for people to enjoy as well.”  He goes on to say that “by implementing various kinds of gameplay, you will be able to unlock lots of different areas on the island.” With the release of Sonic Origins just around the corner, Sonic Team aimed to appeal to and please fans of both younger and older audiences. Fans from Sonic games of 30 years ago were kept in mind hence the multi-collection Sonic Origins which will have new activities for players to enjoy all while Sonic Frontiers offers a brand new experience that no fan has yet to experience in an official Sonic game.    

He described how the experience of making the Sonic Adventure games helped in the development of Sonic Frontiers. One last important piece that Mr. Iizuka revealed is that he wants to continue the Sonic Adventure franchise in the future and hopes that the experience of developing Sonic Frontiers can add to the making of a new Adventure game at some point in the future.

What did you all think of the interview and what it means for the Sonic series going forward? Comment below.

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