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Some financial Sonic news today!

This week according SEGA Sammy reports, at 2021 fiscal year there was a increase of Sonic the Hedgehog games sales respect 2020 fiscal year with the release of Sonic Colors Ultimate at consoles and PC with a 30% boost of game sales.

Also, with the live action projects starting with Sonic Movie (2020), and the great numbers from Sonic Movie 2, they expect major benefits from upcoming live actions series and cinemas projects at 2023.

SEGA Sammy reports multiples remasters upcoming next years, starting with huge expectations with Sonic Origins and Sonic Frontiers.

Will you buy Sonic Origins and Frontiers this year? Will you watch the next Sonic live action projects from Paramount? Let us know at comments or participate at Sonic Metropolis discord server.

Source: SEGA Sammy

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