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Even though January is about to end, it still is a kind of fresh year we have now … well  news about departures regarding Sonic that is. 

1.: Roger Craig Smith, voice actor of Sonic The Hedgehog for 10 years now hinted his departure from his voice acting role as Sonic on his twitter account. It came out to be true, likely in connection of there being a new Sonic series, game etc. with changes in the works. We can’t thank Roger enough for his work and wish him the best for the future. 

2.: Rumors of Ken Pontac and Warren Graff no longer working for Sega of America seem to be right as well since Ken Pontac recently gave the impressions of being done writting Sonic Games and talking his memories with Sega in an interview with RebelTaxi. This would mean that the next Sonic Game(s) would require new writers. Both have been writing Sonic Games since Sonic Colors. On that note also our thanks to Ken and Warren for their work as well.

What are you thoughts about these news?

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I’m sorry, it is me who is saying “thank you” to Ken Pontac and Warren Graff? I am saying to them “thanks God you’re disappearing, please, never come back”.