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Another departure in terms of voice acting staff is now most certainly confirmed. 

Cindy Robinson, voice of Amy Rose since Sonic Colors replied to two tweets, pretty much confirming that she will leave her voice acting role as Amy, alongside Sonic’s voice actor Roger Craig Smith. At that note we would like to thank Cindy for her amazing work and hope the best for her. 

It seems like SEGA has actually more staff changes behind the scenes in operation. At some point it raises questionings and suspicions of what or how much SEGA is completely planning. I hope that there will be official major news revealing the reasonings soon from SEGA’s side. 

Here are replies from Cindy Robinson on twitter displayed:

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That case, when Tails’ voice actor is prettier than Amy’s ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


They’re both quite beautiful :3