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My favorite Sonic Music

Today I like to share some of my favorite Sonic Music from this great franchise.

This song is a great banger and is a great start to this list. It captures the character of Sonic perfectly. But it is not the only song from this game that does that. 

“Just keep moving ahead.” That is what Sonic is all about.

For this one I don’t have a great reseon why I love it. It just amazes me that this song that was only used for a halloween event for a mobile game has this much quality to it.

This song is great from a Sonic fan perspective but also from a music fan perspective. It has great and many instruments and has goes down and up and rolls around in tempo. It is quite fitting for a Sonic Song.

This were the songs I wanted to like to share this week. They were in no particular order. Just to share and nerver forget these great songs.

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I personally just like original It Doesn’t Matter form SA1 3 times more.