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Hello dear Sonic Metropolis community. today i’m here with an little different and maybe not too exciting but let’s say more creative topic for a post.

I often come across (in my case) New Drum & Bass tunes from which i often get the vibes goin: “i am standing right before an modern Sonic level setting”. I listen to electronic music since well pretty much the entirety of my life and am moving more and more to the Genres: New Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Drumstep and sometimes Glitch again since 2018.

To have a little comparison in mind, the OST of Sonic Forces for example had a lot of Tracks with Drum & Bass & Dubstep elements or where entirely based on these two genres which i really liked and this is one of the main reasons where this thought of mine comes from.

That said i wanna share some of the Tunes i recently discovered and got these vibes from to start this off.

Log in to the site and share below the tunes you also may have in mind which could were fitting into modern sonic level settings. The genre of your choice is of course free and can be aside from electronic music

1. Ex Machina from Metrik – for a boss fight level (As Boost formula design)

2. Thunderblade from Metrik – for a piercing trough boost level towards a more difficult world

3. Revenge from Muzz (Murdock Remix) – for a darker sand/desert level setting or as boss theme within a desert world

4. Tonight from Fourward – Star Night level setting with enemy encounter

5. Junction Seven from Muzz – for a Factory based level setting

Maybe this woke your interest or brought you to think about it. I’d be happy to see

I wish you all a nice week


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