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Weapons Bed in SONIC FORCES

by DeaThProj


Weapons Bed returns from the 7th Level of the Dark Story in Sonic Adventure 2. 

The stage incorporates background objects from Metal Harbor as well to make it feel less empty. In-game the stage is an avatar (Custom Hero) stage, and it features 5 new red rings, number rings and moon rings.

The stage mod also comes with a custom save file, in which all customization options and wispons are unlocked from the start. The save file is meant to prevent you from ‘overwriting’ your best time and collectibles on your main save file.

The cube wispon has been nerfed so it can’t break the score. Without the nerf you could get close to 2M score on the stage which is way beyond what the S rank requirement is and would just make everything way too easy.

The mod supports several languages as well, these include:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Tradition Chinese


  • English
  • Japanese

Suggested mods to play it with:
Weapons Bed is compatible with DiscordForces so if you like letting people know what you are playing be sure to grab DiscordForces 1.3 which supports Weapons Bed!

Known Issues

  1. Due to the custom save file the volume settings are at max, still can be lowered.
  2. Due to the custom save file the keybindings are using my keybindings (keyboard player) so if it doesn’t fit well with you change it.
  3. The moving props (gismos) in Sonic Forces are weird so when you stomp on them you get stuck for a few seconds after that you can move again.
  4. Please turn OFF the “Enable Save File Redirection” option in the options menu of HedgeModManager, so you don’t experience issues with save files after playing and turning off the mod. The mod will still load the save file that it uses properly even like this.


  1.  DeathProj- Main Creator, ForcesGISMEditor
  2. Mario Tainaka- Music
  3. Hyuga – Water
  4. Sajid – Removed Lighting Flickers, HedgeCNVRSEditor
  5. PTKickass – IBL Cubemap
  6. SuperSonic16 – DiscordForces Integration
  7. Radfordhound – HedgeEdit, ForcesPathScripts
  8. Skyth – SFPac, TagTools, SonicAudioTools, ACBPitchRemover, ModelOptimizer
  9. DarAo – SonicGLvL, HedgehogConverter, HavokConverter, PacPack
  10. MainMemory – SALVL
  11. SWS90 – SonicLightTools
  12. Windii – Sonic Adventure 2 Retranslated Japanese Subs, Omochao Translation
  13. N69vid – Russian Translator
  14. Geki – Spanish Translation of unused Omochao dialogue
  15. Kitsuki – German Translation of unused Omochao dialogue
  16. Pixelise – Polish Translator
  17. Joey Law – Traditional Chinese Translator
  18. M&M – Enabling Lost World option for hedgehog converter
  19. DaGuAr – SA2 Terrain/Obj Import Script
  20. GPF – Help with splines and skybox
  21. Knuxfan24 – Save File Base
  22. Sewer56lol – Providing a copy of SA2: Preview
  23. Goalringmod27 – Providing help with smoothing Groups issue

Sonic Metropolis Credits

All credit for this mod of Sonic Forces goes to DeathProj and all contributors to the mod as listed on GameBanana. Visit the link above to download from the site.

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