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Creator: ExecByte

Classification: ROM Hack 

Base Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Level Info

  • Dust Hill Zone – Uses graphics similar to the mockup screenshot of Sand Shower Zone, which was at the time thought to be Dust Hill Zone.
  • Rock Zone – The music is Mystic Cave Zone 2 player.
  • Wood Zone – The music is the beta version of Metropolis Zone
  • Winter Zone
  • Hidden Palace Zone – Background music is the intended music for the level. Mystic Cave boss is used with the only alteration that the sequence of picks and rocks is omitted. Also, the bat badniks are utilized, which ended up being unused in the final Sonic 2
  • Casino Night Zone (Sonic 2 Beta style) – Music is the beta music
  • Cyber City Zone – The music is 2 player Casino Night Zone

Known Bugs

  • Hidden Palace : Accessing and beating or losing in a Special Stage causes some sprites to Glitch at Stage ending.

Sonic Metropolis Credits

  • Credit for this mod goes to ExecByte and any other persons who helped assist the developer.
  • Information as provided in Level Info was obtained from Sonic Retro.
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