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Welcome to Version 2 of Sonic 2 Anniversary Edition.

Sonic 2 Anniversary Edition is an Enhanced Version of Sonic 2.

New Features

  • More Bugfixes, Including some bugs that I caused, whoops.
  • Tweaked graphics and music, with some music tracks having been given a revamp.
  • Sonic now has a New Running Animation, based on the Prototypes, that Activates when he is running very fast.
  • Easy and Hard Mode, Hard mode has been reworked with some of the bosses now being affected.
    • The Current Bosses include: EHZ, CPZ (sort of), ARZ, CNZ, HTZ, MCZ, and WFZ
    • Special Stage are still unaffect in Easy and Hard mode
  • Cyber City has been finished and available to play through a new option in the Option Menu
  • The Game Gear and Master System soundtracks of Sonic 2 are available to choose in the options. Note that they won’t sound the exactly the same due to sounddriver issues and lack access to PSG 4 and PSG 3 at the same time.
  • The Bug involving the 1UP Song has been fixed from last year’s verison and now plays when you get a 1up.
  • A second slightly different 1up Song will play for Player 2 in 2 Player Mode
  • The Snail Badnik from the prototypes has been readded and can be found in EHZ’s Hard Mode
  • Bubbler and Bubbler’s Mother have been readded and can be found in CPZ’s Hard Mode
  • A new and extended option menu which includes:
    • Soundtrack – You can select a Remix Soundtrack or the Original, OR you can change the entire soundtrack to the Master System or Game Gear soundtracks of Sonic 2
    • Air Speed Cap – The original Sonic 2 limited your horiztonal speed in midair, if you wish to have that option you may turn it on here.
    • Tails Flight – Tails could not fly in the original Sonic 2, if you wish to play as a Flightless Tails you can do it here.
    • VS. Mode Flight – By default Tails can NOT fly in 2 Player mode, so It fair to Player 1 who is Sonic, If you wish to allow Tails to fly in 2 Player Mode you can turn it on here.
    • Skip Metropolis – Yep you read that right, with this option you can skip the Worst Zone in the game, OR you can replace in with Cyber City, OR you can replace MTZ ACT 3 with Cyber City like it was orignally going to be.
    • Super Sonic BGM – You can turn on or off Super Sonic BGM, pretty simple.
    • Silver Sonic BGM – If you wish to have the Death Egg song play longer than 2 seconds, then you can setup the Boss music not play for Silver Sonic right here.
    • HPZ Music – If you want the unused song to play on Hidden Palace Zone rather than Mystic Cave 2P Song, then here you go.
    • Vocal Eggman – No Eggman will not start singing, I wish, If you rather not have the laughing voice clip for Eggy then you can turn him off here.
    • Boss Music – Like last years version every Boss in the game, save for EHZ and WFZ, have their own boss music, if you don’t like that you can change it so all the Bosses use the EHZ and WFZ Version instead.
    • Swap 1P 2P Music – Here if you wish to play the game with the 2 Player Music, or Play 2 Player mode with the 1 Player Music, then this is for you
    • Tails Hit boss – if you don’t like that Tails AI can hit the Bosses and ruin your Combo then you turn that off here (This only affects the AI Tails not the Player Tails)

Its Highly Recommended that you play the mod in a really good CRT Filter or on an actual CRT, as I have design my art around this

Features of Previous Version

  • Hill Top Zone is Playable in 2 Player Mode, Hold C while pushing Start while highlighting Emerald Hill
  • Tails Has a Super Form
  • Knuckles is Playable, and can even have Tails follow him
  • Every Boss, except EHZ and WFZ, have their own verison of the Boss Theme
  • The AI Tails can’t steal a bubble from you nor can he activate platforms and objects
  • Eggman has a Laughing Voice Clip
  • 2 Player Mode has its own Object layout, Which has allowed me to make Mystic Cave Easier as its much harder than Casino Night or Emerald Hill
  • Each Act of every Zone has its own Palette and song


  • Original MIDI Version of Chemical Plant Act 2 from – Created by Kentaro – Converted to SMPS and Edited by Me
  • A Really old version of Clownacy’s Clone Driver
  • Mega PCM By Valdikcomper
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