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Sonic, Shadow, & Metal Sonic Gameplay Overhaul

Creator: Benji along with many others

Classification: Mod

Base Game: Sonic Adventure DX

Creator's Description

This mod introduces a much bigger to come mod for SADX, where I plan on adding tens of levels and even write a story and everything. So far I’ve finished entirely Sonic, Shadow and Metal Sonic’s gameplays (well, except for Neo Metal Sonic that is not done yet, but almost). So the mod only lets you play as Sonic, Shadow, and Metal Sonic. You can also swap characters mid-level.

Creator's Recommendations & How to Install

You’ll need the following mods to be active for my mod to work properly :

  1. Disable Upgrades Models by MainMemory
  2. XInput by SonicFreak94
  3. DirectX 11 by SonicFreak94

I also greatly advise to use the following mod for better experience :

  1. Expert Mode by UncreativeUserName

Download link of these 4 mods:


  1. Download SADX Mod Loader
  2. Install SADX Mod Loader
  3. Unpack the contents of the zip archives to the “mods” folder. (You should end up with the 5 mods in there)
  4. Enable the mods in the Mod Manager.
  5. Make sure “Scale HUD” is unchecked in the Mod Manager to avoid giant HUD when pausing the game
  6. Using the “Configure” button in the Mod Manager, set “OIT_no_text” mod’s “Maximum fragment count” to 32. (Try lowering this value if you experience lag)
  7. You must load my mod LAST or else issues will happen, like the Chaos Spear not working or textures problems.
  8. You shouldn’t play any other mods but these 4 to avoid eventual bugs

Controls & Gameplay

Swapping Characters

  1. XBOX360 controller : Press LB+BACK for Sonic, LB+D-Up for Shadow, LB+Down for Metal Sonic.

  2. Dualshock Controller: Replace LB with L1.

  3. NOTE: You can only swap when on ground or jumping, and when not in Super/Hyper Form.


Destroying enemies fills the energy gauge (upper gauge) while rings fill the level gauge (lower gauge). The upper one is necessary to use special actions (RB-buttons actions (R1 on dualshock)).

The lower one increases the special actions effects.

  1. LV1 : Special actions cost less
  2. LV2 : Special actions cost less + they are enhanced
  3. LV3 : All of the above + your upper gauge gets slowly filled with time and rings
  4. Press B to activate the level gauge.


Sonic Abilities

  1. BOOST: Press RB (R1 on DualShock) to Boost (you can run on water when you Boost, and hurt enemies, just like in Unleashed/Generations)
  2. BOUNCE ATTACK: Press X (Square) when jumping to use bounce attack like in SA2.
  3. SPINDASH: Press and hold X to use spindash (Still the same. You can also still Light speed attack as Sonic by holding to charge and then releasing around enemies.)
  4. LIGHT SPEED DASH: Press Y (Triangle) for instant light speed dash along a trail of rings.
  5. SUPER SONIC: Gather 50 rings, jump and press LB (L1) to turn Super Sonic. You lose 1 ring per second when Super but your powers are greatly increased.
  6. HYPER SONIC: Gather 100 rings, jump and press BACK to turn Hyper Sonic. You lose 2 rings per second when Hyper, but your powers are incredible and you gain special powers. 
  7. HYPER SONIC LIGHT ATTACK: Press D-Right to use instant Light Attack around enemies and items.
  8. HYPER SONIC FLIGHT: Press D-Up to fly (This uses up the gauge in function of how fast you move.)
  9.  While Flying: Press D-Up/Down to go Up/Down and D-Left to get out of Flying mode. (Touching the ground for 0.2 seconds also removes flying mode). You can boost while in flying mode too.
  10. SHOW/HIDE UPGRADES: (When paused, press RB (R1 on dualshock) to hide Sonic’s upgrades, press LB (L1) to show them back.

Shadow Abilities

  1. PUNCH: Press X to punch
  2. SPINDASH: Press and hold X to use spindash (JUST LIKE IN SA2)
  3. LIGHT SPEED DASH: Press Y to use light speed dash.
  4. CHAOS SPEAR: Jump and press X to use Chaos Spear (hold it to fire at multiple targets)
  5.  CHAOS BOOST: Press RB to use Chaos Boost (and keep pressing to for higher Chaos Boost levels)
    1. LV1 : Enhanced Homing Attack
    2. LV2 : Enhanced Homing Attack + Enhanced Chaos Spear
    3. LV3 : All of the above and press RB to use Chaos Blast
  7.  CHAOS BLAST: Chaos Boost must be activated first on any level. Then you can press RB to activate its power.
  8.  SUPER SHADOW: Gather 50 rings, jump and press LB (L1) to turn Super Shadow. You lose 1 ring per second when Super but your powers are greatly increased. 

Metal Sonic Abilities

  1. FLY/HOMING ATTACK: Press X for his fly/homing attack.
  2. BLACK SHIELD: Press and hold X for Black Shield
  3. HOVERING: Press A while in air to use Hovering
  4. RECHARGE GAUGE: Press Y when on ground to recharge your gauge
  5. GEM NAVIGATION: Press D-Left/Right to navigate through his Gems (or D-Up to jump right to his White Gem)
  6. GEMS: Press RB to use them (globally)
    1.  BLUE GEM => Speed
      • Press: Quick accel
      • Hold: Increased Ground Speed
    2.  RED GEM => Soul
      • When using it Level gauge fills twice as fast, depletes twice slower, and depending on your level, the special actions are better and better
    3.  GREEN GEM => Mind
      • When used, it enhances moderately everyONE of his abilities and physics
    4.  PURPLE GEM=> Power
      • Become INVINCIBLE while spinning (can be used in air too)
    5.  Sky => Space
      1. Jump and quickly press RB for a gigantic air speed boost.
      2. Press RB after that delay, or whenever to use teleport attack
    6.  White => Gravity
      1. Press Up to Fly (can’t be used again before touching ground)
    7.  Yellow => Light
      1. Summons a light shield that can take up to 2 damage (have to stay on the Yellow Gem to keep it). When intact, it’s magnetic.

Known Issues/Bugs

  2. There’s sometimes random crashes. One cause has been identified though: DOn’t use Chaos Spear in Twinkle Park Act 1.
  3. Don’t try Pinball Tables; they are broken.
  4. Don’t go to Chao World. It crashes.
  5. Metal Sonic can’t get on the snowboard in Ice Cap Act 3 for some currently unknown reason. You can restart and use it normally.
  6. Sometimes Shadow loses all his momentum when punching. This happens especially in Speed Highway.
  7. Cop Speeders (the sort of flying monkey cars in Speed Highway) do weird things but it was like that originally. It just doesn’t mix well with my mod.

Creator's Special Thanks & Credits


To make a mod this big, I’m, of course, not alone. I’ve been helped by a lot of awesome people.

  1. First of all, as none of this could have been possible without his technical knowledge and kindness : MainMemory who helped me on so many aspects I can’t even tell.
  2. Then Kell for his support on Shadow’s character model creation.
  3. Sewer56lol for testing the mod, and helping me with the trailer video.
  4. ItsEasyActually for help on various stuff.
  5. SonicFreak94 for global knowledge on sprites and shaders.


  1. Nibroc-Rock for his fanarts (used for example for the character select screen) and some HD models parts (like the HD soap shoes, bounce bracelet to name a few).
  2. Jogita6 for his Sonic’s running animation.
  3. ShadowOfDarkness503 for his Shadow’s skating and arms crossed animations.

Sonic Metropolis Credits

  1. All credit for this mod goes to Benji and all those involved in creating this great project.
  2. The title image used in this page is credited to and retrieved from Felipe Sonic Hacks Youtube Channel.
  3. All the info provided came directly from Benji in the two text files in the mod download. The information was only slightly tweaked in order to be formatted above and for extra clarity. 
  4. Special Thanks from Emerald Mentality to the team behind this great mod of Sonic Adventure DX. It was always a joy to play this mod.
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