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This page is still in early development. The asterisk before the mod name denotes that it is not yet available. Emerald Mentality is hard at work constructing each and every mod post and page as excellent as possible for everyone to enjoy while respecting the work that each creator put their hard work and time into.

Character and Abilities Mods

These mods include major character releases with unique gameplay to enjoy in game. Click for info on controls and abilities and for link to download. An asterisk (*) means the page for the mod is in development or not yet created.

Modern Sonic (Version 4)

Modern Sonic


Silver the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog


Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow the Hedgehog


Cream (Inspired from Advance Series)

Cream the Rabbit (Advance Series)


Sonic the Werehog



Mighty the Armadillo (Version 2.2.2)

Mighty the Armadillo

Jet the Hawk version 1.1

Jet the Hawk



Gun Sonic

*Sonic with a Gun

Flicky (Version 1)


Blaze the Cat

*Legacy Blaze


Level mods

This section provides various level mods that are typically individual additions to the game rather than entire level packs or campaigns. They enhance the Sonic Robo Blast 2 experience. We try to provide finished and playable level mods as we discover them.

Rainy Walk Zone

*Rainy Walk Zone

Large scale mods

These mods change large parts of the game including but not limited to entire level collections that, in essence, make a new campaign for the game.

Blast Mania (V0.1.5) Level Pack

*Blast Mania

The Mystic Realm

*The Mystic Realm

Miscellaneous mods

These include both the “Lua” mods as described by the Forums section of Sonic Robo Blast 2 mod community as well as the “Miscellaneous” mods.


Starpost Rewards (V2.1)

Starpost Rewards

Info & Download
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