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The Unleashed Project is a large scale mod that ports over the daytime stages from Sonic Unleashed (PS3/XBOX 360 version) to Sonic Generations. In this project, the team revised level layouts and made stage progression simpler. The project boasts a sleek and unique hub world, high resolution textures for artwork, and an optional improved rendering engine that was left from previous Sonic Generations’ development. The hub world contains a complete imagining of Unleashed stages in the Generations’ White World system with the stages in the following order:

Windmill Isle Act 1 (Tutorial)

Windmill Isle Act 2

Savannah Citadel

Rooftop Run

Dragon Road

Cool Edge

Arid Sands

Empire City (Formerly Skyscraper Scamper)

Jungle Joyride

Each stage has unique setpieces such as non playable characters  (NPC’s) hanging around. Additionally, there is not actual white space like Generations. Every part of the hub world is colored in. Music here was produced by member Falk, who is known for working on other fan projects as well.

Hub World Additions

  1. Apotos Ice Cream Vendor replaces the Generations Skill Shop
  2. Billboards:
    1. “Welcome to the… UNLEASHED PROJECT Version 1.0”.
    2. A “Real Estate Times” sign, some newspaper clippings, and a MISSING poster featuring Wentos the Travelling Salesman from Sonic Unleashed. Underneath his photo there’s a message reading “If you see him, notify us at [email protected] Only your photos will help us find him!”
    3. What Hardware Requirements are necessary to play the stages:
      1. MINIMUM: Cool Edge and Savannah Citadel
      2. LOW: Dragon Road and Windmill Isle
      3. MEDIUM: Arid Sands, Rooftop Run, and Empire City
      4. HIGH: Jungle Joyride

Sonic Metropolis Credits

All credit for the mod goes to Team Unleashed and all other parties who aided the team in creating this massive mod for Sonic Generations.

Information on contents of the mod were obtained and provided by Sonic Retro.

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