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Creator: Timaeus

Classification: ROM Hack 

Sonic Cronos (Version 1.7) is a Sonic 1 ROM hack that offers a different experience and various new changes. They are:

Changed art from other games but completely remastered, new music from other games, using different instruments and some mixed ones, ASM changes, custom enemies, changed bosses, new zones, new level designs using only custom chunks, some custom sprites and remastered ones, altered hud, custom level art, new title screen with better animation and polish, Sonic CD style spindash as an extra move, some fixes due to good critisms and feedback, 9 acts completed, and extra content from other older versions at the Level Select (such as extra tunes, Special Stage and other levels). Keep in mind that those levels will also be remastered and changed in future versions.


  • Level design: Timaeus
  • ASM changes: Timaeus
  • Art/sprites remastering: Timaeus
  • Original art rips: The Spriters Resource
  • Sprites: Timaeus, The Spriters Resource
  • SMPS: Timaeus
  • New instruments: LordXernon
  • Beta testers: Timaeus, Trinitronity
  • Custom art: Timaeus
  • Helpers, supporters and special thanks: Trinitronity, Kegaplayer, BansheePlant, LordXernom
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