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Sonic Classic Heroes

By: flamewing and ColinC10


Sonic Classic Heroes is a ROM hack that combines flamewing’s hack Sonic 2 Heroes and ColinC10’s hack Sonic 1 and 2. It offers the campaigns of Sonic 1 and 2 together or separate and allows players to play as the combined team of 3 characters just like in Sonic Heroes. Two teams are available: Team Sonic and Team Chaotix. New features have been added that appear in Sonic 3 and Knuckles to enhance the experience. The hack utilizes the game engine of Sonic 2. Rarely seen is that the game offers save functions. Players can save progress, scores and more to SRAM. Other improvements and bug fixes are applied as well. Current version is Version 0.10.008a and is available above.


  1. Choice to play all levels from Sonic 1 and 2 together or separate.
  2. Sonic Heroes Gameplay: switch between characters as much as you please to traverse the levels.
  3. 3 Player Coop Option: Up to 3 players can play cooperatively.
  4. You can choose to play as one character as well.
  5. Elemental Shields are present.
  6. Ability to save
  7. Character-specific abilities 
  8. Learn more below about Gameplay, Items, and other features.


  1. Players can choose to play as 1, 2, or 3 characters at once. When using more than one character, the leading character can be swapped at any time by pressing the x button on the 6 button control pad or the A button
  2. CPU partners will tend to match the stats of the leading character to keep up. For instance, when Super Sonic is leading the pack, Super Tails and Super Knuckles will match his speed and jump height to maintain pace with him. Also Charmy gains a jump, spin attack, and spin dash when not in the lead.
  3. 3 player coop is available even on special stages. You can disable all players except player 1 for the special stages to prevent losing too many rings.
  4. Team Sonic takes their abilities from Sonic 3 and Knuckles
  5. Team Chaotix takes similarities to their abilities in Knuckles Chaotix.

Character Abilities & Controls

  1. Hyper Dash Hyper Sonic instantly hyper speed dashes when pressing the jump button twice in any direction (screen will flash white instantaneously when executed). All enemies on screen die when executed. 
  2. Super Dash Super Sonic gains a burst of speed when jumping and pressing the jump button again.
  3. Homing Attack: With the golden shield obtained, Sonic can perform a homing attack on nearby targets (enemies and items). If there are no targets, he dashes forward, giving a slight burst of speed.
  4. Lightning Jump: Sonic can double jump when he has the Lightning Shield
  5. Bubble Bounce: Sonic quickly moves downward at high speed and bounces off the ground gaining more height with each bounce.
  6. Flame Dash: Burst forward with a good amount of speed with the Flame Shield
  7. Insta-Shield: This move extends Sonic’s attack radius and also makes him temporarily invincible for its duration. As usual, jump and press jump again when no shield is held to execute.
  1. Flight: Tails can fly using his jump action. Press B or C to accelerate upwards for a limited amount of time. He can carry both teammates while flying…HOW STRONG
  2. Swimming: While underwater (or chemicals), Tails can swim as his jump action. He cannot carry teammates while swimming.
  1. Glide: Glide by jumping and holding B or C (or jump) to glide. He gradually descends while gliding but his speed increases at the same time.
  2. Climbing: By gliding into walls, Knuckles can attach to it and climb up or down with directional buttons.
  3. Breaking Walls: Knuckles is the only character who can break walls without having to roll. Simply walk or run into a breakable wall to bulldoze through. (Of course, he can still spin dash and roll into it. no need to stop and stand if you are already in rolling motion.)
  1. Clinging: By pressing and holding either B or C, and pressing a direction toward a wall or ceiling, Espio will cling and attach to the desired surface as his jump action move. This allows you to freely move on any wall or ceiling.
  2. Espio is the fastest member of Team Chaotix. His speed is equal to Tails and Knuckles. His teammates will match his stats (speed acceleration, deceleration, and jump strength) when he is leading.
  1. Cannot Jump or Spindash, he instead Dashes.
  2. Buzz-Dash: By holding a direction and pressing B or C, Charmy will gain a burst of speed in the chosen direction. This replaces jump for Charmy.
  3. Flight: If after triggering a buzz-dash you keep holding B or C, Charmy will begin flying at the end of the dash. For as long as the button remains held, Charmy will accelerate in any direction pressed.
  1. Power Boost: Press B or C to give Vector a burst of speed in the direction held as his jump action.
  2. Climb: If Vector collides with a wall during a power boost, he will cling to it. Climb up or down with directional buttons.

Universal Controls

    1. Return to Title Screen – While game is paused, press A.
    2. Respawn – Players 2 and 3 can use a life to force a respawn by pressing C while the game is paused.
    3. Change Character: Pressing a or X changes the current controlled character. Only players being controlled by the CPU are eligible for swap, unless the other player is holding A or X as well.
    4. Spindash/Super Peelout: Several character can execute a spindash and/or super peelout. While holding down or up directional buttons, press B or C to charge a spindash or super peelout. If a character has only one of these moves, holding Up or Down and pressing action button will charge the same move. Those with both moves use Up for Peelout and Down for Spindash.
    5. Jump: Press B or C to jump. Some characters deviate from this. Check out character-specific abilities below.
    6. Jump Action: While airborne (from jumping, walking off a ledge, or bouncing from a spring) and either moving downwards or not too fast upwards, press B or C to execute a Special Action. These vary amongst characters. unless specified, any jump action executed while in a rolling state lets you regain control.


  1. Elemental Shields from Sonic 3 and Knuckles are added. 
  2. The Blue Shield from Sonic 2 is upgraded
    1. It reflects projectiles.
    2. It allows Sonic to do a homing attack.

Game Menus

  1. Saving progress to SAM was added in version 0.07f.
  2. In the game menu, players can choose to save/load their progress in one of twelve separate slots Each slot before the game begins presents the following options or choices to alter:
    1. character order and the number of characters
    2. game mode (Emeralds Run mode, Sonic 1 campaign alone, Sonic 2 campaign alone, or Sonic 1 and 2 campaign together)
    3. Level Select
    4. AI Options
  3. Menu has a sound test
  4. Menu color schemes are available as well.

Steam Workshop

Sonic Metropolis Credits

All credit for this mode goes to the development team flamewing and ColinC10 and any other parties involved in creating the ROM hack.

Information for the hack was heavily influenced by Sonic Retro.

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