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Sonic & Ashuro

By Ashuro


Join Sonic and his new friend Ashuro and collect all chaos emeralds! Try to get all 50 rings to transform into an ultimate form in Sonic the Hedgehog & Ashuro!

Sonic the Hedgehog & Ashuro is an awesome ROM hack based on the classic Sonic the Hedgehog. Created by username Ashuro from SSRG (Drakughost), the game features 2 characters and 2 universes on one single screen. The game features custom and special stages with 3 acts that take place during the different time of the day. In this game, you will control both Sonic and Ashuro. The two characters have similar movement but use a different approach on various obstacles like water and high places. If you can collect 50 coins during the gameplay, you will transform into a more powerful form. Good luck!

Sonic Metropolis Credits

Credit for the mod goes to Ashuro and any persons involved in assisting the creator. 

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