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Sonic Adventure 2: Full Story

By Xanderoni

Sonic Adventure 2: Full Story is a mod that merges both Hero and Dark stories into one coherent playthrough. It organizes all the stages and cutscenes in chronological order, removing repeat boss fights and tweaking some oversights in the original story order. This is an overhaul to a mod I made back in early 2020. I have pretty much remade this project from the ground up featuring quality of life improvements and some bug fixes.

  • All Emblems are now obtainable (100% completion is now possible)
  • Hero story is the full story but boss fights will use hero characters for character battles in Hero Story (The same is true for Dark Story)
  • Last Story is replaced with Marathon Mode where you play through all stages and boss fights in order without cutscenes.
  • Graphics have been added to the Title Screen, Story Select, and Stage Names


  • Original Sonic Adventure 2 Logo and Character art made by Yuji Uekawa.
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