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Sonic 2 Portal Edition


Sonic 2 Portal Edition is a mod that upgrades Sonic with the portal gun from the Portal video game series. Use this gadget to create portals and teleport in levels.

Notes from Creator

Hi guys, long time no see. Time for another mini project.

The portals in the game actually affect objects other than sonic – to the extent that you can kill an enemy with its own projectile if you fling it back at it.

I attempted to recreate the portal gun as best I could, but it turns out the sonic engine isn’t a huge fan of warping. You can probably break the game in many unimaginable ways, but I think I covered all the major issues.

I am posting this now as I’d like to focus on another project. However, I would happy to donate the source if the community took this and made an actual puzzle based game with custom levels using these mechanics.

Many thanks to E-122-Psi who agreed to build this fantastic spritesheet.


A + Direction = Throw a blue portal
C + Direction = Throw an orange portal


E-122-Psi – Sonic’s Spritesheet
Flamewing – Help with Collision Detection
iojnekns – Portal Sprites
FraGag – Testing

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