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Creator: MainMemory

Classification: ROM Hack

Base Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2


Sonic 2 Adventure Edition is a ROM hack by the skilled MainMemory. The concept of the hack is that it takes gameplay mechanics from Sonic Adventure and applies them to Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Playable characters include Sonic and Tails. Being the current version of the hack, the mod boasts loads of features and abilities to enjoy in-game.


  1. The mod includes an Adventure Mode and a Trial Mode.
  2. For each mode, a character select screen is provided. In Adventure Mode, a percentage of game completion is provided. For Trial Mode, a level select screen along with emblem stats are shown similar to Sonic Adventure.
  3. By completing the challenges, players will earn emblems for each stage.
  4. The HUD has received a slight overhaul to better match Sonic Adventure. Removal of the Score Counter, more detail for the timer, a ring image is used in place of the the word “Rings”, and removal the current character’s name from the life display are the made changes.
  5. The end of each first act of a zone directly transports you to the next act, serving as a level transition to make one continuous level.
  6. Each level has 3 missions in which you can earn emblems.
  7. Tails and Trial Mode can be unlocked by completing Emerald Hill Zone.
  8. Score for Enemy Bonus is added to the results screen.
  9. Score Tallies are used for Sky Chase and Death Egg upon completing the level. 
  10. Score Tally is also used for Wing Fortress once you defeat the boss.




  1. SPIN DASH – Activated by holding B button while on the ground. Holding it will charge its power.
  2. LIGHT SPEED DASH- Once the SPIN DASH is fully charged, Sonic will stand again and glow bright blue. Release the B button to dash forward or to travel along a trail of nearby rings.
  3. LIGHT SPEED ATTACK – With fully charged SPIN DASH, release the B button when near enemies or monitors to attack each at light speed.
  4. HOMING ATTACK/JUMP DASH – Press the A or C button after jumping to do a jump dash. Do this near badniks or monitors to perform homing attack. Homing attacks can be chained while still in the air to do continuous attacks.
  5. Sonic can no longer roll by pressing Down.
  6. Press the B button while rolling to begin running again without losing momentum.
  7. Pressing B in the air will allow Sonic to perform a Jump Cancel. This stops all momentum as he exits ball form.



  1. FLIGHT – Press the A or C button after jumping to fly. Press B while currently flying to  descend quickly.
  2. ROLLING – Press B while moving to roll. To return to running, press B again.
  3. JUMP CANCEL–  Press B while in the air (and not flying) to jump cancel which stops all momentum and causes Tails to uncurl from ball form.
  4. Only Tails can freely roll as Sonic will only do a spin dash.


Missions in Trial mode are the same for both Sonic and Tails.

  1. Level C: Complete the level.
  2. Level B: Complete the Level with 50 Rings.
  3. Level A: Complete the level in a certain time limit. The time limit varies with each zone.

To do higher level missions you must complete the lower level first. To do mission Level B, you must complete level C. To do mission Level A, you must do mission Level B.

Sonic Metropolis Credits

  1. This mod is fully credited to MainMemory.
  2. The artwork of the title of the mod was borrowed from Razor & Zenon Youtube Channel.
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