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Sonic 2 Advanced Edit

Creator: rika_chou, qiuu, and many more.

Classification: ROM Hack

Base Game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2


Sonic 2 Advanced Edit is a ROM hack by rika_chou. The mod has seen a total of 4 version releases. The 4th and current installment includes levels from the 3rd version as bonuses to the game.

Current Version (4th Release)

Released as part of the 2019 Sonic Hacking Contest, the 4th version release of the mod features new levels, a variety of enemies, and varying boss fights that depend on the chosen playable character. There are 4 playable characters, each with unique abilities: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. In addition, the mod contains 5 bonus levels from the 3rd version from 2008. Upon completing the game, a player will receive a code to access the level select. Furthermore, if the player can manage to obtain seven of the 69 total giant or mega rings scattered in the 7 main zones and then collect 50 rings, they can become super...

With roughly a decade of development, progress on the hack has dwindle as only two contributors remain to actively work on the project, rika_chou and qiuu. Although some aspects of the project are not fully realized or not exactly as envisioned as could be by the creators, they pushed for one final release to at least have the project in a state of completion and not continue indefinitely. This was to prevent the mod from being in a state of never releasing. To their efforts, the contributing members have not only created one of the best Sonic 2 ROM hacks but also one of the best mod experiences for a Sonic game, especially for the classic games. 


Sonic the Hedgehog


Knuckles the Echidna


  1. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles adopt the same gameplay style from Sonic 3 and Knuckles except Tails cannot spin dash.
  2. SUPER FORM: Hold A, B, and C while jumping.(Tails has no Super Form)
  3. Level Reset: Hold A, B, and C while the game is paused to return to the start of the level or the last checkpoint you passed.

Amy Rose


  1. HAMMER ATTACK: Press the A button to do a hammer attack. Hammer Attack can be done in the air to attack airborne enemies. Notice that Amy moves slightly forward each time the attack is done on the ground.
  2. HAMMER JUMP: Press Down and Press A to do a Hammer Jump. You can also hold the DOWN button and press A. Doing this move while running retains only some momentum to allow getting to higher places.
  3. JUMP: Press B or C to jump. Amy is vulnerable when jumping unless you do a hammer attack.
  4. RUN DASH: Hold Down and press B or C to charge a Run Dash which is Amy’s version of the spin dash only she has no ball form and will be completely vulnerable. This is similar to Sonic’s Peel Out move from Sonic CD (but slightly slower).
  5. SUPER FORM: Hold A, B, and C while jumping.
  6. Level Reset: Hold A, B, and C while the game is paused to return to the start of the level or the last checkpoint you passed.

Levels and Other Info

Neo South Island

Cosmic City

Bamboo Jungle

Blue Mountain

Robotic Ruin

Dusty Desert



Zone Title# of Big Rings
Neo South Island9
Cosmic City16
Bamboo Jungle10
Blue Mountain11
Robotic Ruin9
Dusty Desert13

Mod Credits

  1. Rika_chou: Concepts, level art, layouts, badnik art
  2. qiuu: Object, badnik, boss concepts & programming, engine modifications, level layout for NSIZ2 and end of DDZ2
  3. ICEknight: badniks concepts & art, DDZ boss concept & art, misc art and ideas
  4. MoDule: snowboard programming, ring and object manager, bug fixes
  5. D.A. Garden: level layout for CCZ2
  6. Thorn: layouts for end of CCZ2 and end of DDZ1
  7. Resel: Blue Mountain Zone concept and level art
  8. Phoebius: Cosmic City Zone concept and level art
  9. Matwek: Jungle Zone foreground and object art
  10. Tweaker: Music Ports
  11. e-122-psi: Amy character art & programming
  12. SMTP: Knuckles object, S3K shields, Tails flying code (also thanks to drx for the flying code.)
  13. Esrael: Knuckles object, S1 sound driver
  14. Puto: Knuckles object, S3K shields
  15. Clownacy: Updated sound driver, ported sfx, sound related bug fixes
  16. Kilometers Prower: Original zone concept for RRZ (and Garnet Garden)
  17. Stealth: “curve grip” object
  18. redhotsonic: various bug fixes.
  19. Malevolence: object label organization
  20. BadCopNoDonut: Special Thanks (worked on previous release)
  21. Blue Emerald: Jungle Zone snake badnik art
  22. Cinossu: Snail badnik art
  23. Polygon Jim (RIP): Ideas for objects/level layout
  24. jman2050: ideas
  25. sik: Ideas and feedback
  26. nineko: Ideas and feedback
  27. MarkeyJester: Ideas and feedback
  28. flamewing: Ideas and feedback
  29. Jayextee: Early discussions
  30. ScrewStache: Composed music tracks, but lost contact and never got it into the game
  31. FireRat: Some plans that didn’t happen in the end

Sonic Metropolis Credits

  1. All credit for the mod/ROM hack goes to rika_chou and all those involved as listed above in helping to create Sonic 2 Advanced Edit.
  2. Image containing mod title is credited to DJ COOP ENTERTAINMENT Youtube Channel.
  3. Mod Credits information is originally posted on Sonic Retro page for the mod.
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