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Sonic 1: Character Pak

By LuigiXHero

So why does this exist?

“I wanted to finish one hack before I move on from Sonic hacking and what better then a character pak made up of like 3 of my old character hacks. Only one I shown off publically before is Luigi but every character hack been a thing one way or another for a while.” – LuigiXHero

So what does this have exactly?

4 playable characters in Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) for the Sega Mega Drive Genesis Entertainment System. Being fan favorite Sonic characters: Classic Sonic, Modern Sonic, Link? and Luigi? Complete with stuff to make them stand out and with that tweaks and changes to some levels to make use of it, though don’t expect too much from that.

Also there is super characters and while this is Sonic 1, i’m not that evil. Therefore I used my magic powers to replace the lampposts with starposts giving you a ton more chances at the special stages. I think it might even be possible to get all of them by Marble Zone.

Along with that we have some nice delicious full soundtracks to select from including:

  1. The Original STH Soundtrack: but with fixed drums… people like that right? This is intended for Classic Sonic
  2. Alternate Sonic Soundtrack: Other Sonic songs throughout the series this is intended for Modern Sonic. (Marble Zone in this is the best track in the game, make sure you hear it)
  3. Legend of Zelda Soundtrack: Pretty self explanitory and you wouldn’t guess who this was for.
  4. Super Mario Soundtrack: Music from that other company. This is for Green Mario.
  5. Meme Soundtrack: Music that make you go haha. This was basically included since I like to do songs out of boredom and had them all anyways.
  6. CD Soundtrack!: If you plug a Sega Mega CD into your Genesis Drive you can use it to play CD audio. I included a preset one to make it a proper thing but you can play whatever. Try popping in a random music CD!


Don’t worry about figuring out controls right away or anything, there is a optional tutorial level for each character to help teach you. But still included here for completion sake.

    • Up + A,B,C = Turn Super/Normal
    • Up + A = Enable/Disable Debug (Takes priority over super stuff)
    • A, B, C = Jump
    • Down + A, B, C = Spindash
    • Up + A, B, C = Peelout
    • C (Ground) = Jump
    • B (Ground) = Boost
    • A (Ground) = Nothing
    • Down + A, B, C (Ground) = Spindash
    • C (Midair) = Homing Attack
    • B (Midair) = Jump Dash/Midair Boost
    • A (Midair) = Stomp
  • LINK
    • A, B = Stab (Does different ones depending on standing or crouching)
    • C = Jump
    • Up, Down (Midair) = Upwards and downwards stabs
  • LUIGI (3D Style)
    • A = Long Jump
    • B, C = Jump
    • Down (Midair) = Butt Slam/Hip Drop
    • B, C (Water) = Swim

Sonic Metropolis Credits

All credit for this mod goes to LuigiXHero and any other contributors to the project.

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