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Character Mods are one of my absolute favourite types of mods, which can bring a new gameplay experience on the visual side of an game.

Today i want to showcase the Sir Lancelot character mod available for Sonic Generations. this mod lets you play as the Sonic and the Black Knights version of Shadow: Sir Lancelot. He comes together with the Shadow Generations Hud, Skate Slide running animations and wall glide animations.

Here some showcase screenshots i took:

Have fun trying this out ^^

here the download link:

Quick Install guide: Exctract the zip, paste the folder into your mods folder created for/from your SonicGMI launcher, refresh mods list in SonicGMI, select the mod via checking it on the left side and click Save and that should be it.

Credits: BoomBoomFP, Daku Neko, JoeTE, BandicootG

More comming soon. Thank you and have a nice day!


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