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Silver leaps through time to once more end up in our cursed timeline!
But this time, he’s got a whole 300 something polished up sprites, some suntan, and has honed his telekinetic powers!

**Below are descriptions and demonstrations of both normal abilities and Shield specific abilities for Silver.


Double jump and hold jump to float. You can start floating again after letting go if you still have energy.


While floating, tap spin to start boosting forward. You can adjust your height with the movement keys. In this state, you will destroy spikes, floors, walls and weak enemies. Be careful, this ability uses a lot of energy up! 

Tip: If you hit the floor while using Psycho Boost, you will start spinning. 


On ground, tap spin near targets (marked by a teal arrow) to lift them. Press spin again to toss them. If more targets are nearby when you throw, they will automatically home in to deal damage. 

Tip: You can use the Ringslinger weapon select buttons to throw individual objects. You can also drop them by tapping Toss Flag.
Tip: Holding Toss Flag will enable friendly Silver players to grab you and even use you as projectile! You can press Toss Flag again to be let go off.

Be mindful, all of those abilities use your energy meter to a varying degree. This meter will recharge on its own over time if you aren’t using your abilities.

Silver cannot use regular Shield abilities. Instead, they will enhance his Psycho Boost!


Drastically increase the vertical angle cap of the boost, allowing Silver to travel much higher than usual.


After activating your boost, press spin again to dash towards nearby enemies. You can hold spin to keep chaining enemies if they are near one another!


Drastically increase the downwards angle cap and speed. Hold down to plummet to the ground and destroy enemies near you as you land. You are also immuned to wall bumps when going down.
You are also able to dash at full speed underwater.


After dashing, press and hold spin again to halt all your momentum. You can turn and adjust your vertical angle while on hold, and the energy cost is drastically reduced. Let go off of spin to redirect yourself in your chosen direction.


Your boost will constantly be at the maximum possible speed. Hitting a wall will detonate the shield and stun you.


Pulls nearby enemies into you, damaging them.


Increases your maximum boost speed as if you had constant Super Sneakers.


While dashing, hold down to plummet to the ground similar to the Elemental Shield. Upon hitting the ground, you will bounce back up and will be able to start floating again.

  1. Splitscreen is only partially supported. Many visuals and HUD elements will not display properly under certain circumstances (Mostly Ringslinger related). Nothing I can do to my knowledge.
  2. Lua amper the stability of larger netgames, so you may experience more frequent synchronization failures / netgame-specific framerate drops.
  1. Snu : Spriting (and motivational) assistance (touch ups)
  2. MotorRoach : Spriting assistance (original standing rotation / character select portrait)
  3. Inazuma : Spriting assistance (character select animation)
  4. zxyspku : Spriting assistance (walk animation)
  5. Q.T.D. : Spriting assistance (idle stance)
  6. Look I can’t list all the testers this would get too long, but you know you’re listed there if you helped!

Credit for this mod goes to Lat’ and all supporters listed by the creator above. 

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