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Creator: Kell

Classification: Mod

Base Game: Sonic Adventure DX


This mod ports multiple Sonic Heroes content into Sonic Adventure DX game. The levels ported include Seaside Hill, Sea Gate, Ocean Palace, Road Rock, Grand Metropolis, Power Plant, Casino Park, Bingo Highway, Hang Castle, Mystic Mansion, and Egg Fleet along with their objects and some sounds. Egg Pawns, Falcons, and E-2000s are also added. Some variants of the egg pawns are added but not used yet. Characters include Sonic, Shadow, Amy, Espio, Tails, Rouge, Cream, and Charmy. The models and animations along with their original weight and structure are taken from the PC version of Sonic Heroes. Manual configuration is required to enable them as of now. If you wish for Lantern Engine to work with this mod, please use the version of Lantern Engine provided above, credited to SonicFreak94.

The mod utilizes SonicFreak94’s SADX DC Lighting for better lighting accuracy and vertex alpha transparency. It can work without it, but some areas may look odd. The levels Hang Castle and Mystic Mansion rely on this lighting mod.

You can also activate other mods such as Seaside Hill Night Version by Sewer56lol and Music Edits by Darkspines147.
It is compatible with mostly everything as long as you run it afterwards.

Creator Information on SPEEDRUNS

“For timing speedruns, please use the default settings of the mod, and follow the rules of nomal sadx runs. If you want to speedrun rings or enemies, here is a table of how many you can get. Please note that to get the maximum amount of rings, you would need to get 40 rings from all the random item boxes.”

How to Install

  1. If you have the 2004 PC version, go ahead and download MainMemory’s Mod Loader; if you have the Steam version, please use PkR’s installer to convert it.
  2. (recommended) Install sadx-dc-lighting (shaders, effects and better transparency) and sadx-fixed-edition (useful fixes)
  3. Install the mod. To use the 1-click installer, launch the Mod Loader, go in the “Options” tab and click on “Install URL Handler”.

Creator's Credits

  1. Benji23245 – Help & Testing
  2. Sora_yx – Help & Testing
  3. ShootingStar – Help & Testing
  4. x-hax – Reverse-Engineering SADX
  5. Heroes Hacking Central – Reverse-Engineering Sonic Heroes
  6. Sonic Team – Models & Textures

Sonic Metropolis Credits

  1. Mod Credit goes to Kell and the team of contributors.
  2. Information provided is either paraphrasing of or exact wording from mod developer Kell.
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