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Standard Version

Sonic Frontiers has great movement. On top of that, it even has many convenient physics sliders to tweak it to your heart’s content in the options menu. Unfortunately, the cyberspace stages don’t have nearly as good control, and they aren’t affected by the physics sliders.

That is, until today. The options menu’s physics sliders now affect Cyberspace in the same way they affect the Open Zone.

Enjoy the cyberspace stages like never before with Open Zone Physics in Cyberspace.

Momentum Version (DX)

Sonic Frontiers has great movement, but it could be better. More specifically, it could’ve been much more similar to the classics and Adventure games. In fact, there are multiple unused mechanics hidden away in the game’s files — such as running momentum — that suggest an early version of the game was much more fathful to the series’s roots.

The second download for this mod restores as much of this as possible for both the open zone and cyberspace physics, using the first download as a base. It also makes other changes to make the physics more in line with classic/Adventure gameplay philosophies, and it makes the boost/modern mechanics compliment rather than clash with those classic/Adventure mechanics.

In other words, the second download reintroduces content that was ultimately cut by the director of the game. Thus, it’s named “Open Zone Physics in Cyberspace DX: Director’s Cut.”

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