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Mushroom Hill Neo Zone in Sonic Adventure

By PurpleTwirler

Creator’s Description

This is an edit of Jcorvinus’/Corviddude’s Mushroom Zone mod, with added goodies and secrets and a couple added pathways as well. Gamma now has his own version of the stage, with plenty of enemies to lock on to, along with noticeable differences to Sonic’s version. I also made an autumn palette version of this stage, based on the one from Sonic 3&K. Also, missions 11 and 51 from Mission Mode are compatible with this stage. Have fun!


Will work with the Dreamcast Conversion mod as long as you set “Enable Windy Valley” to false. It will not work if there is any other level mod active.

It is highly recommended that you switch to Free Camera when falling into the hollow tree. That way you can see the floating item boxes and enemies as you fall. 

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