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Modern Sonic (Version 4)

by MotdSpork


To download, click the button above to visit the post on the Sonic Robo Blast 2 Post Forum. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Download Link. This method was requested by the creator of the mod.

It’s been a long 2 months working on Modern Sonic. What was originally going to just be a port of ModernAbilities turned into an entire rewrite. With brand new effects, sounds, commands and more. It’s been a blast making him and I really tried to make Modern Sonic feel authentic without changing his physics to feel out of place for SRB2. Without further ado, Here’s Modern Sonic!

Homing Attack/Double Jump


Air Boost



Light Speed Dash

Wall Jump

Rush Mode


Super Sonic

Sonic’s midair ability is determined by if he has something to home in on or not. When near Enemies/Monitors/Springs, Sonic will launch at it with precision. Otherwise, Sonic will perform a second jump which is handy for gaining a bit of extra height or for platforming.

While on the ground, pressing and holding the Custom 1 button will allow Sonic to boost forward at breakneck speeds plowing and sending badniks flying into the air. You are invulnerable to enemies in this state however spikes, crushers, and deathpits can still harm you.

The air equivalent of the Boost. Use this to gain more distance in the air than you could with the double jump.

Pressing Spin anywhere off the ground will cause Sonic to plummet down to the ground creating a shockwave at the point of impact. This can be used to stop on a dime for platforming and damage enemies, and monitors alike.

While moving at just about any speed, press and hold spin while on the ground to perform a slide in the direction you are moving. It’s essentially a replacement to the spin so use it to get under small gaps that only spinning players would be able to access.

Using Custom 2 near a trail of rings allows Sonic to travel along the trail at “Light Speed”. Useful for precise ring collecting or for levels that support the ability for alternate paths.

Pressing jump and holding the direction of the wall while Sonic isn’t on the ground allows Sonic to leap from the wall in the opposite direction gaining extra height and allowing for continued wall jumps to gain heights only Knuckles and Tails can.

Filling your boost meter fully will have Sonic enter Rush mode granting infinite boost and a snazzy glow effect for a short period of time. Extend the timer by destroying enemies, collecting rings, and doing tricks! Speaking of…

Pressing toss flag after hitting springs, steamjets, and dustdevils will have Sonic start performing tricks to fill his boost gauge. Though spamming it will result in diminishing returns. Press Jump or Spin to do the trick finisher rewarding you with even more Boost Energy.

Using Custom 3 with all emeralds and 50+ rings will transform Sonic into Super Sonic. What new abilities will he have? It’s up to you to find out!

  1. The Boost relies on Sonic’s Boost Energy which can be seen in the meter at the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Replenish your Boost Energy by collecting rings and destroying/damaging enemies/bosses.
  3. Holding Spin above a certain speed while stomping will cause Sonic to transfer into a Slide, otherwise it acts as a normal Stomp.
  4. Holding Custom 1 after Boosting/Air Boosting will decrease the boost drain over-time.
  5. Boosting or Stomping into breakable FOF’s will break them.
  6. Pressing Custom2 while Light Dashing will cause Sonic to cancel the ability.
  7. While crouching or refraining to boost for 5+ seconds, Sonic will start to gain Boost Energy back. This is especially useful for levels that don’t have too many rings or enemies to help replenish the Boost Energy normally.
  8. Jumping and holding the Jump button while Boosting will slow Sonic’s midair speed. Use the Airboost to counteract this!
  9. The Double jump slows Sonic’s movement speed slightly.
  10. Stomping onto a spring will yield greater height similar to Amy’s hammer.
  11. The Whirlwind Shield negates the slowdown effects of the Double jump and the boost while in the air. It also increases Sonic’s Double jump height.
  12. Pressing Jump as a trick finisher gives you bonus height.
  13. With SMS added, Modern can go Mystic Super. In this form you gain unlimited jumps underwater, a stronger Wall jump, infinite Air boosts, and unlimited Boost Energy.


Toggles the custom footstep sounds as well with the custom landing/skidding sounds. Use On/Off


Used to Toggle/Choose the voice actor Sonic uses. Use 0-4 or the Voice actors first name. Choices are Ryan Drummond, Jason Griffith, Roger Craig Smith, or Jun’ichi Kanemaru.


Used to toggle the reticle between Modern Sonic’s custom reticle or SRB2’s build in reticle. Use Modern Sonic/SRB2

Action Swap

Used to switch the Custom1 and spin actions.

Super Music

Used to choose which music plays while Super. Choose between Custom, Normal, or Off

  1. Stomping into a “bouncy” sector will cause Sonic’s stomp to get stuck. Though it will cancel itself after 3 seconds.
  2. Sometimes when homing in on an enemy, you can get stuck trying to destroy them…but nothing happens
  3. Sometimes while boosting on certain Slopes, Sonic can get stuck until you stop boosting.
  4. Not all textures in the game are indexed for the footsteps. I tried to get all of the ones you happen to “run” into in the main campaign at least.
  5. Splitscreen is not fully supported.

Man. I Have a lot of people to thank for Modern Sonic being possible this time around.
No longer is he the buggy version he was in 2.1.
Now he has new effects, sounds, functions, commands, sprites AND more.
He’s more than I ever expected him to be especially since he was originally going to just be a direct port from 2.1

Ahem- let’s not get carried away.

Golden Shine: Thank you for helping me figure out how to make a lot of the effects look pretty good, bug testing early on, being a HUGE support when there were times I honestly wanted to give up, lending bits and pieces of your own code as well as helping with sounds, knowing you didn’t have to but you did to help me succeed.
Thank you for reworking SMS’ boost aura to work for Modern. It looks awesome!
Seriously this wouldn’t have been possible without you.

MF_NOB(LACH)MAP: Thank you for helping me with so many of my Lua questions.
Special thanks for showing me how to use tables and use rawset among other things.
HUGE thanks for writing the sounds functions (The Footsteps/Voices)

Chrispy: Special thanks to creating and letting me use your SonicCE. A lot of people don’t seem to like it but it’s one of the better old Modern Sonic’s
in my opinion.

Doom Flare: A personal friend. Thank you for making the old sliding frames and the original crouching frames.
Even though you were not getting anything in return, you did it because we’re friends…I really appreciate that.

DrStephen: Massive credits to pretty much doing the entire sprite remake. this wouldn’t have been finished if it weren’t for you…

Inuyasha/K.S.: Thank you for letting me use and modify the transformation script and the laser wisp script from your Sonic Colors Blast 2 script.
This was my solution to not having transformation sprites in the CE Style. Thanks again for the original boss hud script
which this boost meter was heavily edited from.

Badz and Hitcoder: Thank you both for your own renditions of the light dash and giving permission to use them.
I merged both together for a pretty fluent LSD….at least in my opinion.

ManicTH14: Thanks for the original wall jump SOC used from your Mighty you were working on. It was used in the 2.1 Modern Abilities
but repurposed and refined for 2.2 Modern up until V4.

Rumia1: Thanks for making the new underwater curl up sfx. It sounds more…echoey.

Zipper: Thank you for reducing some code length in the HUD.

TrickyTex: Added the new Ring engine sounds. Sounds super cool 🙂

SMS Alfredo: Made the first iteration of the Rush mode.

Bendy: Thanks for making the original design for the Modern redesign. it looks super rad. As well as some of the other sprites in the resprite.

Cyron: Thank you for adding I/O support into Modern. I had no idea what I was doing clearly. Also thanks for giving me the JP voices for Sonic and making my job so much easier.

Soap Surfin’: Made the Smash pose trick sprite.

Thank you to the Testers: DrStephen, Rumia, Emi, Zipper, and Shine

AAAND last but not least…

My sweet and loving girlfriend: For being supportive and lifting me up to finish this and helping me test early netgames and iron out some of the original larger bugs.
Special thanks for helping me with the new speedometer colors.

All credit for this amazing and massive character mod goes to MotdSpork and the large number of supporters and co-contributors.

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