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This character doesn’t support Battle Mod, please do not use it for battling in Battle Mod.
It’s a blast from the past! SSNMighty! With his amazing sprites and outstanding abilities!


Double jump to slam into the ground cancelling out your momentum, allowing you to destroy spikes and bust out breakable floors to explore!


Makes you protected against projectiles and against spikes if hit once by them!

Monster Iestyn: for letting me use his 2.0 Mighty sprites (I’ve drew a few that are necessary)
Emong: for me using a little of MightyMania lua (projectile deflection, reusable content)
Tripel the fox: for me using their Mighty Wall Jump lua (reusable content)

All credit for the mod goes to Appleburt as well as those involved in helping the creator as listed under Creator’s Credits. All information provided is verbatim from the creator. 

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